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How to dress like Old Money this Summer

If you want to step into summer with a classy and timeless style, the ‘old money’ look will be perfect for you. It’s all about simple luxury, classic pieces, and refined accessories. Here’s how to get that effortlessly elegant look this summer, whether you’re in your late 20s, 30s, or 40s.

What is the Old money style?

So, what exactly is the ‘old money’ look? Think of it as a style that’s all about understated luxury. It’s not about flashy logos or the latest trends. Instead, it focuses on high-quality pieces, classic designs, and a polished, refined appearance.

What does old money wear?

Summer Old money Outfits

Tops and Blouses

For tops and blouses, go for simple, high-quality pieces. Choose classic styles that flatter your figure without being too tight.

Linen, silk and cotton are great choices for summer because they’re breathable and comfortable.

Stick to neutral colors like white, cream, and blue to keep your look fresh and clean. Contrast trim blouses also look very sophisticated. Avoid overly trendy patterns and if you really want to add patterns to your wardrobe, go for subtle stripes or small polka dots.


When it comes to bottoms, focus on tailored pieces that never go out of style. Tailored linen trousers are perfect for warm weather because they’re light and airy. Whether White, Camel or in Navy, full length or ankle grazing – go for what flatters your shape.

A classic pair of well-fitted jeans in a dark wash can also be a very versatile addition to your old money wardrobe.

High-waisted shorts in neutral tones offer a chic and comfortable option for casual outings. If you would like to add a feminine touch, then Midi skirts, especially in pleated or A-line styles, will add a feminine touch to your look while keeping it sophisticated.


Your shoes should be both stylish and comfortable. Loafers and ballet flats are perfect for everyday wear because they look elegant and are easy to walk in.

If you’re going on an European trip, espadrilles are a chic alternative to sandals. For more formal occasions, go for low-heeled sandals that are comfortable and sophisticated.

Neutral colors like beige, navy, and black are great and can be paired with any outfit, ensuring your shoes complement your look without overpowering it.


Accessories should add to your outfit without being too flashy. Pearl jewellery, like a simple string of pearls or pearl studs, adds a touch of classic elegance. A straw hat can be both stylish and practical, protecting you from the sun while adding a bit of glamour.

These High-quality leather handbags in neutral tones are a must-have, giving a polished finish to any outfit. Use scarves in Nautical stripes or small prints to add interest without taking away from the overall sophistication of your look.

Polished Grooming and Confidence

To complete the ‘old money’ look, focus on polished grooming. Ensure you go for natural makeup that highlights clear skin, with neutral eyes and a hint of blush.

Hairstyles should be simple and easy to maintain, like low buns, loose waves, or sleek ponytails. Well-manicured nails in neutral colors or a classic French manicure add the final touch of elegance. Lastly, carry yourself with confidence and grace. True elegance comes from within, so be polite, composed, and self-assured.

Final Thoughts

By focusing on timeless pieces, high-quality materials, and a simple color palette, you can easily achieve the ‘old money’ look this summer. Invest in classic tops and blouses, well-made bottoms, stylish yet comfortable shoes, and understated accessories. Remember, true style is about being remembered, not just noticed. With these tips, you can create a sophisticated and effortlessly chic summer wardrobe, perfect for women in their late 20s, 30s, or 40s. Enjoy your summer in style!

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