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10 Clever Graduation Party ideas to celebrate your big day

I love graduation ceremonies, they always make me feel emotional. I have had three myself and it’s always nostalgic. So today I decided to write about unique graduation party ideas. You probably already know you should get balloons, cakes and printable games, so I thought I’d share some unique ideas that will make your party stand out.

Here are 10 clever graduation party ideas that will make your celebration unforgettable.

P.s if you need captions to share your photos on the day, here are 110 utterly amazing captions so you don’t have to spend any more time scrolling through Instagram for ideas.

1. DIY Memory Lane

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First up, create a DIY Memory Lane! Set up a pathway with photos and memories from your journey. From your first day till now – all the pictures with friends, trips, family holidays. Not only is this a nostalgic trip down memory lane that your guests will love, it’ll remind you of how much ou may have changed in the journey that led up to your big day.

2. A Photo Booth will be nice

Next, set up a photo booth with graduation-themed props and backdrops. Who doesn’t like a photobooth at a party? Well I know I definitely do. It’s a fun way for everyone to capture the moment and create lasting memories.

If you want to take things up a notch, you can buy or hire a 360 degrees camera photobooth. I see it used a lot at parties and your graduation should not be an exception. Just imagine when all of your guests start sharing their 360 images/clips. If you are on a budget, this remote operated 360 selfie stick can also have a similar effect. It’ll definitely be something for everyone to remember.

3.Customized Graduation party cookies will be a hit

For our sweet idea, try customized cookies! You probably already know that you should get food for your guests but let me tell you, customised treats are always a hit and the talk of every party. Bake or order the cookies with your name, year, a tassel or something graduation-themed.

4. Graduation party memory Jar Station you can always treasure

Memory Jar

Create a Memory Jar Station! Provide guests with small pieces of paper to write down their favourite memories with you. It’s a heart-warming keepsake trust me. Days or weeks or months down the line, you’ll be sobbing sentimental tears when you read the messages, some memories you may not even remember. I found an awesome tutorial if you’ld like to create one: How to create a DIY memory Jar.

Don’t forget to get a tag or a table sign so people know what the jar is for! You can get both of these on Etsy.

Memory Jar Tag on Etsy
Table sign on Etsy

5.Graduation Cap Cupcakes/cake pops for the cake lovers

Up next, Graduation Cap Cupcakes! Just like the cookies, graduation cupcakes are another unique treat you can serve to your guests. Decorate cupcakes with mini graduation caps using chocolate squares and liquorice. It will be a tasty and thematic dessert.

6.DIY Centrepieces to catch everyone’s attention

If your party is at a restaurant, you may not need this, but if you will you have organised fancy seating for your guests this one is definitely for you. There are so many DIY Centrepieces to choose from! Find many great ideas here.

7.Virtual Guestbook so you have it on tape

Consider setting up a video station where friends and family can record heartfelt messages for you, It’s a very thoughtful way to include everyone and have long lasting memories. All you need is an

8. Graduation Cap Toss Game for the fun!

Hands up if you want an interactive party? I thought so.

Keep the party interactive with a Graduation Cap Toss Game! Create a target, and guests can take turns tossing mini graduation caps. It adds a playful touch to the celebration, and will be suitable for guests of all ages. Typically great for a backyard or garden graduation party. A great way to add some fun to your party in addition to other exciting games you can play at your graduation.

9. Creative Classmate Awards, yup!

If your friends who are also graduating will be attending your party, you can celebrate everyone else with Creative Classmate Awards! Come up with funny and light-hearted superlatives for each guest. Call them up to the front and give them a ‘certificate’ or ‘cookie’. You can even do this for your family and non-school friends who supported your journey.

For fellow graduating friends, you can adapt the ‘most likely to’ awards. For family, you can use ‘Best in checking up on me before exams’ awards, ‘Best in listening to my fears’ award, ‘Best in Buying me food’ award. etc

10.Future Predictions Wall – see what they think!

Lastly, create a Future Predictions Wall! Have guests write down their predictions for your future. It’s a fun activity that provides laughs and inspiration. Remember not to take it too personal in case there is someone who is pessimistic and writes down something that may upset you. Hopefully you wouldn’t have such a person at your party!

Final thoughts

And there you have it, 10 clever graduation party ideas to make your celebration one for the books! Which idea is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below. Don’t forget to follow on Pinterest and subscribe for more party + life + style inspiration, and as always, congratulations to all the graduates out there! Until next time, party on!

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