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24 Stunning Mint Green Nails to Inspire you

Thinking about rocking gorgeous mint green nails this spring or summer? You should definitely check out these 24 mint green nail ideas – from mint green acrylic nails to Ombre nails and mint green French tips, there is something to inspire your next flawless looking mani!

Mint green nails are like a breath of fresh air for your nails, giving off a lively and classy vibe. People really like this color, especially in the spring and summer. It works well with all kinds of skin tones and different nail shapes, making it a cool choice for a stylish and timeless look. You can use mint green on its own for a nice style or mix it up in creative designs for extra fun.

The best part is, it’s not too flashy but still catches your eye, making it a great pick for anyone who wants a touch of style with a hint of the season.

What are we Hyping today?

This mint green nail polish collection



01| Mint green nails with square tips

@ nailsbylauhzar

These mint square tips exude modern simplicity, providing a clean and polished look that effortlessly merges style with sophistication.

02| Mint green nail Twirls


03| Mint and White nude nails


Minty twirls offer a playful and whimsical vibe, as the delicate swirls of mint create a captivating and cheerful dance on your fingertips. The design brings together the subtle charm of mint and the timeless elegance of white, resulting in a nude nail aesthetic that’s both chic and understated

04| Mint and White daisies


Adorned with white daisies, this mint design embraces a sweet, delicate and feminine appeal, that reminds you a garden that just starts to bloom in spring.

05| Mint and Florals


06| Mint and Abstract patterns

Abstract patterns in mint hues offer a unique and artistic flair, creating a visually intriguing and contemporary nail design.

07| Mint and pretty daises


08| Mint and Vintage Florals


Vintage-inspired florals combined with mint tones create a nostalgic yet fresh look, marrying the past and present in a harmonious design.

09| Simple Mint and clear glitters


10| Clean and Minimalist

11|Green Twirls


12| Classic french tips


13| Mint and Cowprint


14| Mint and Gold butterflies


15| Mint and Glitter twirls


16| Mint and Cherry

17| Mint and Green leaves


18| Ombre Mint and Gold butterflies


19| Matte and Gold dust


20|Obsessed with Mint and White


21| Minty Daisies


22| Short Minty twirls


23| Pastel and Mint


23| Ying and Yang


You can recreate these nail ideas with acrylics, press on nails or a DIY nail Kit. Have a happy mani session and don’t forget to hit ‘save’ for later if your mani session is not due soon.

3 Easy Hand Care Tips before your next nail session

1 | Apply Sun screen of SPF >50 if you’ll be using a UV Lamp

Sunscreen acts as a barrier, shielding your skin and nails from potential damage caused by ultraviolet rays. By incorporating sunscreen into your pre-manicure routine, you ensure that your hands receive adequate protection, maintaining the health and appearance of your skin and nails in the long run.

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2 |Use gloves that have UV protection if you’ll be using a UV Lamp

These gloves have recently become very popular and for good reason. They are designed in such a way that the part of your hand that goes under the lamp is protected and only your nails are exposed. These gloves are a simple yet effective measure to maintain the overall well-being of your hands and nails. They act as a barrier, preventing UV radiation from damaging your skin and nails during the manicure process.

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Don’t forget to moisturise your skin. Moisturizing will help hydrate your skin and soften the cuticles, making it easier to push them back or trim them during your manicure. Well-moisturized hands also contribute to a smoother application of nail polish and ensure a more polished finish – so you can keep your Manis for longer.

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