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Stunning 4th of July nail ideas to obsess over

Memorial day/4th of July is just around the corner. Many patriotic people mark the day in different ways. Doing 4th of July themed nails is one ideas. These nails typically incorporate colours of the American flag. They are also typically bright which is great for the middle of summer (July). Think you might want to give the 4th of July theme a go? In this post i’ve rounded up 20 stunning July 4th themed nails. From short nails, to long nails, there is something for everyone.

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Essentials to invest in

Before we head to the nail designs, remember they there are just some things healthy nails cannot live without. So, I’ve added my top 4 below. To make it easy for you I have also included links where you can find them. These are my affiliate links and I get a commission if you shop with them, but this is at no cost to you, and I really appreciate if you end up shopping with my links.

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  • Nail essentials

Stunning 4th of July Nail ideas

1. Gorgeous Blue

    Image source: julieannmetzger

    Embrace the boldness of a beautiful blue base coat. This shade evokes the summer sky and pairs perfectly with white accent details like stars or stripes.

    2. Pretty summer July 4th nails

    Image source: beyondpolish

    3. Popsicle July 4th nails

    4. Short French July nails

    This is the patriotic classic French manicure. it’s screaming clean girl aesthetic. It gives that polished and elegant look that complements any outfit.

    Image source: polish_lab_rat

    Image source: fit_sedation

    5. Pastel July 4th nails

    Image source: keratinlaboc

    6. Milky 4th of July nails

    You can even embrace the hottest nail trend – the “milky nail” look! for your 4th of July themed nails. I love how this design keeps it simple with only the stars.

    7. Short Mismatch Nails

    Embrace a playful and carefree vibe with mismatched patriotic designs on your short nails.

    8. Blue Stars

    Image source: thehangedit

    9. Almond nails

    10. Fire cracker nails

    11. White ombre

    This simple yet stunning design creates a soft, ethereal effect. Start with a clear base and gradually blend a white polish towards the tips of your nails. Then add a touch of red or blue glitter and stars for the subtle festive touch.

    12. Flag cuffs

    12. Square French

    This square-shaped French manicure featuring patriotic colors is a classic. With the crisp white tips and contrasting bold red or blue tips, these nails give a sharp and sophisticated look.

    Image source: Pinterest

    13. Sun bleached stripes and stars

    Image source: Instagram

    14. Peachy stars

    Image source: Pinterest

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