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The Best Dorm Room Rugs for College

This post is about the best dorm room rugs for college students – from natural fibre rugs to match your Boho dorm room theme to machine washable plush rugs, there is something for everyone!

It’s highly recommended to get a rug for your college room. Dorm room rugs offer many benefits, from warmth on cold floors, added style, protection for your floor, and even noise reduction.

Which rug is best for a Dorm bedroom?

The best rugs for covering the floor of your dorm bedroom are area rugs. They are usually sized 3×5 ft or 4×6 ft. You can go for a round, square or rectangle shape, depending on your preference.

If your goal for getting a rug is simply to add an accent or a pop of color, then go for accent rugs. Accents rugs are about 2×3 ft and are perfect for adding a pop of color or pattern to your bedside or dresser.

Where to buy dorm rugs?

Many stores offer dorm-friendly rugs! I love rugsUSA, Amazon and Wayfair. IKEA also does affordable options with a wide variety of styles and sizes.

Natural Fibre Rugs

Natural fibre rugs are an eco-friendly and durable option. They are made from materials such as jute, sisal, or seagrass. They offer a natural, textured look and are often easy to clean. Perfect for a dorm room with a hygge theme, clean aesthetic or boho theme decor.

1.Natural Seagrass Rug 2.Off-White Chevron rug 3. Cassia Classic rug 4. Wavy Jute rug 5. Grey Diamond lattice rug 6. Denim Jute handwoven rug

Plush dorm room rugs

These rugs are also known as shag rugs. They are super soft and plush. They add a cozy chic vibe to any room. Because of their softness, they’re the perfect rug to hit your feet when you step out of bed in the morning but might require more frequent cleaning than the other types of rugs.

1.Grey Shaggy rug 2. Camel Shaggy Rug 3.Pink Shaggy Rug 4.Gold plush washable rug 5. Blush Plush cloud rug 6.Silvery grey rug

Machine Washable rugs

As the name implies, these are dorm room rugs that can be washed in a machine. I honestly think they are a perfect fit for any dorm room. You no longer have to worry about spills or footprints from dirty shoes. These rugs are specifically designed for easy cleaning.

1.Blue Washable Peggy Rug 2. Grey Abstract Washable Rug 3.Multi color Patty rug 4.Gold plush washable rug 5. Blush Plush cloud rug 6. Grey tribal Washable rug


What size of rug fits a dorm room?

When buying dorm room rugs, you want to typically go for sizes like 3×5, 4×6, or 5×8 ft. They can be placed under desks, seating areas. or beside the bed.

Smaller rugs (like 2×3 ft or even round) are perfect for adding a pop of color or pattern by your bedside, dresser, or in front of a chair. All of the rugs suggested in this post are available in various sizes and shapes so it’s important to go for what fits your room. You can also try runner Rugs, these are the Long and narrow rugs that are ideal for narrow areas of your dorm rooms.

Whether you go for solid color rugs (versatile) or patterned Rugs (stripes, geometric shapes, florals, or animal prints) will depend on the aesthetic of your room.

Solid rugs tend to make a small room feel larger. It is easier to keep solid dorm room rugs easier to keep visually clean, especially if you have a lot of other patterned elements in your dorm.

Patterned rugs on the other hand adds visual interest and personality to your dorm room. They are a fun way to express your style and can help hide dirt and spills in some cases (depending on the pattern). The only downside is that they can make a small room feel even smaller with busy patterns and it might clash with other decor, so just make sure you strike a balance with your other furniture.

Bottom line: For a clean, versatile look that complements any style, go for a solid color. If you want your rug to be a statement piece and show off your personality, choose a patterned rug.

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