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20 Beautiful Festive Nail colours from OPI for your December Nails

This post is about beautiful Festive Nail polish colors to inspire your holiday manicure. Getting your nails done for Christmas is a fun way to get into the festive spirit. But there’s a big bonus – good nails can seriously boost your confidence. Will you be attending a holiday party or just chilling with friends? Well manicured nails can certainly elevate your look and give you a more feminine touch of elegance.

Now, let’s talk colors and designs. There’s a whole world of possibilities. Classic red and green are always a win, but there’s so much more you can do with your nails and I have certainly seen pink, blue or chrome nails steal the show at Christmas Parties!

What I usually do before I pick out a nail color

I think about the outfits I plan to wear for any upcoming Christmas or Holiday Party and then think about what designs might go best.

I also think about the seriousness of the events – do I want to go to a client party with candy cane nails? or am I better off with pretty snowflakes and Neutral colours like nude or soft pink with a bit of glitter. At home, am I going to be doing all of the cooking? and if so, do I want short nails or medium nails. Some people just don’t care but want to experiment with patterns that are cute and attractive– an that is also okay..

The main thing is to think about whether your holiday activities have any impact on the colours you choose, and if not, just have fun and pick a colour that makes you feel festive and reflects your style! Whether it’s a classic red or something more unique!

This post is a compilation of some beautiful Festive Nail polish colors you can try.

Gorgeous Nail Colors for December Celebrations

1.The Classic Red Festive Nail polish

2.Green on the RunWay

3. Burgundy Nail Polish

4. OPI Gold nail polish

5. Buildable coverage Green

6. Complementary Wine

7. Beautiful Icy Blue

8. Christmas Holo Polish

9. Green with Envy

10. Bronze Pearl

11. Sparkly Holo Brown

12. The Gold Sleigh

13. OPI Chrome Silver

14. OPI Sparkly silver

15. OPI Sparkly Chrome

16. Shimmery glitters

17. Quest for Quartz Pink

Classic Festive Nail design themes

Everywhere you look, you’ll notice that Festive nails take a certain theme. Here are some ideas to help you draw inspiration.

Use a Red and Green Combo for a classic look: Get that classic Christmas feel by using red and green on your nails. You can go for a solid color or mix it up with fun patterns, bringing a festive vibe to your look.

Add Snowflakes if you want a winter pattern: Make your nails look like a winter wonderland with cute snowflake patterns. Keep it simple with white snowflakes on a blue background, or add some sparkle for that extra holiday touch.

Santa, Snowman, Reindeer or Christmas Pudding: This playful theme adds a joyful and charming touch to your manicure.

Candy Cane stripes are a classic: Whether you go for red and white stripes or throw in some glitter, this classic theme brings a traditional and fun charm to your nails.

Holly and Berries: Holly leaves and red berries definitely make for some really gorgeous nails. It’s a simple but elegant design that adds a bit of nature-inspired beauty to your holiday style.

Ornaments and Baubles: Brighten up your nails with colorful ornaments and baubles. Mix and match different shapes and sizes for a playful and eye-catching design that screams holiday cheer.

Plaid Patterns: These usually look very cozy in classic Christmas colors like red, green, and white. This timeless pattern gives your nails a warm and festive feel.

Nutcracker-Inspired: Take inspiration from the Nutcracker ballet with nail art featuring toy soldiers, ballerinas, and other story elements. This theme adds a whimsical and nostalgic touch to your Christmas manicure.

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I hope this has inspired you! Look around for more great nail ideas!

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