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The Best Inexpensive Halloween Home Decor from Amazon

Halloween is just around the corner (seriously, where did this year go?) Maybe you want your place to look like a haunted house or just have a laid-back neutral vibe. Either way, decorating for Halloween can be awesome, and we’ve got you with many great ideas from Amazon.

The items in this post are inexpensive and have been intentionally chosen because what’s the point of spending so much for decor you only get to display for a few weeks.

To make it easy for you, I have added links to where you can find items in the post.

Some of these links are my affiliate links and I get a commission when you buy through my link at no cost to you – thanks in advance if you like what you see and decide to buy through my links, it is very much appreciated.

Classic Halloween Home decor

  1. Bat Garland 2. Metal Candle Stand 3. Spider Web Table runner 4. Wreath Throw pillow 5. Boo front door Wreath 6. Moon Skull Wax melt 7. Enter if you dare footmat (similar) 8. 3FT collapsible Pumpkin 9. 8pcs Metal Pumpkin

These are the items to create the Halloween we know and love. The Bat Garland is a classic and this will be perfect over your fireplace/mantel. The metal candle stand and metal pumpkin set add a touch of class. To decorate with it , group different sized candles on the stand and scatter the pumpkins around your house. It’s spooky-chic, not creepy.

The spider web table runner is a fun way to add a little Halloween touch without going overboard. Put it on a black tablecloth for a dramatic base – simple but spooky!

I particularly love the wreath throw pillow because it is a unique way to greet trick-or-treaters (or anyone who visits!). Hang it on your door for a festive hello. If you want something more traditional, the Boo door wreath is a classic with a touch of fun.

Even though the exact doormat in the collage isn’t available anymore, you can still get a similar one with a Halloween message that sets the mood for your classy Halloween house!

The moon skull wax melt is a cool conversation starter! The moon’s glow and the skull’s subtle spookiness make it interesting and unique.

No Halloween is complete without pumpkins! The collapsible pumpkin is a space-saver you can decorate to match your classy theme. Think paint or fancy stickers instead of carving a scary face.

Halloween Front Porch Decor

For your front porch, you may also want to get a set of lanterns. They are battery operated led lamps and so you don’t have to worry about fire hazards. The Pumpkin wreath and Ghost door sign are also inexpensive ways of decorating your front door. My favorite outdoor decor of them all is the standing ghost light. It is 49″ tall and comes in a pack of two for only $29.99. These lights will completely transform any front porch or Garden. Check out the reviews here.

Dark Home decor for Halloween

1.Wall Hand reaching candle holder 2. Metal Candle Stand 3. Bat Bath Mat 4. Black Roses 5. Moon Cat wreath 6. Creepy Black cloth 7. Paper Towel Holder 8.Bat Garland

    You can use these items to create a truly dark and dramatic atmosphere.

    This Wall Hand reaching candle holder is the centrepiece of dark drama! The hand reaching out adds a touch of unsettling mystery, perfect for flickering candlelight.

    Paired with dark candles, the black candle stand creates a sense of gothic elegance.

    The Bat Bath Mat is a simple, and subtle yet spooky detail to add a touch of Halloween to your bathroom.

    Black roses symbolize mystery, and the macabre. Therefore, a vase filled with black roses adds a touch of gothic beauty to your decor.

    Other great items in this decor scheme includes the moon Cat Wreath, the Creepy Black Cloth which is a versatile piece that can be Draped over furniture, and doorways.

    Neutral Halloween Home Decor

    1.12 pcs velvet pumpkin 2. Stone Blanket 3. 3pcs Standing table decor 4. Plush pillow Pumpkin 5.Tiered tray 6. Ghost table sign 7. 5pc skeleton decor 8. Throw pillow cover

      Want to achieve a beautiful and neutral Halloween decor theme, then these are the items you need. Use velvet pumpkins, a cozy throw blanket, and natural fall decor like plush pumpkins.

      Decorate with muted colors and metallic accents for a touch of sophistication. If you really want something less spooky, you can skip the spooky skeletons and get more of the Plush pillow Pumpkin or Ghost table sign table sign. Finally, add candles and lanterns to create a warm and inviting ambiance.

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