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The Old money aesthetic style guide for Spring and summer 2024

With everybody talking about old money and quiet luxury aesthetics, I’ve already started thinking about spring and summer pieces that can achieve the old money look. So I’ve put together the best old-money inspired spring and summer capsule wardrobe.

This style guide includes pieces you can wear in spring and summer, whether you have holiday trips planned or not.  Check it out for all the inspiration you need to create cute old money-inspired outfits regardless of where you’re heading this spring and summer!


The old money aesthetic simply means dressing in clothing that  reflects a timeless elegant look. This look is also often referred to as QUIET LUXURY.

It usually includes tailored classy looking pieces. So think tailored shorts, trousers, blazers and blouses. It also includes muted colors like neutrals, white, beige, navy blue, and browns.

The pieces that make up the old money capsule don’t necessarily have to be super expensive – Your girl is here to show you how we can recreate the style without owning a fortune! And if you choose to go down the designer route, that’s perfect too – simply avoid logo mania. Go for outfits with subtle logos for example Hermès, Burberry, or Ralph Lauren.

The Old money aesthetic checklist


1.Silk Blouses

Silk blouses scream luxury and drape beautifully. Wear them to work with tailored trousers or skirts, or dress them down with jeans for a chic weekend look. Button-down blouses in crisp cotton offer a more casual sophistication, perfect for work or brunch.

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2. Linen Vests

Linen vests add a touch of polish and effortless style. Layer them over blouses and dresses for work, or wear them solo for a summery look. Perfect for work, weekend brunches, or even casual garden parties.

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I also found this unique vest with asymmetrical buttoning. You should check it out.

3. Striped tops

Striped tops are a classic and versatile staple. Breton stripes offer a nautical vibe, while pinstripes add a touch of menswear-inspired elegance. Wear them with jeans for a casual look, or tuck them into a skirt for a more polished outfit. Great for everyday wear, running errands, or casual work environments.

4. Contrast dresses

These dresses add a touch of visual interest while remaining sophisticated. Wear them to work events, afternoon soirees, or even summer weddings (depending on formality).

5. Linen Bottoms

Linen pants and shorts are perfect for summer weather. One favourite linen trouser is this pair by Everlane. The drape is just so beautiful. If you are on a budget, a good alternative for under $50 is this Riviera high waist linen pants.

In general linen trousers offer a polished yet comfortable alternative to traditional work pants, while linen shorts are perfect for a breezy summer day. Wear linen bottoms to work on casual Fridays, weekend outings, or even dressier events with the right top.

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6. Outerwear

Tailored blazers and trench coats are essential for adding polish and structure to your outfits. Blazers can be worn over dresses, skirts, or pants, while trench coats are a timeless outerwear piece perfect for spring and fall. Blazers are great for work, interviews, or dressier events. Trench coats can be worn for work, travel, or even casual outings when the weather is cold.

7. Accessories

Accessories are always a great addition to any look. For the old money aesthetic you want to include pearl necklaces, silk scarves, and classic watches to get that touch of timeless elegance. Believe me when I say these accessories can elevate even the simplest outfit. Pearls are perfect for work or dressier events. A styling tip for the Silk scarves is to wear them around your neck, tied to your bag, or even in your hair.

With these ideas, it should be fairly easy to create a capsule wardrobe that screams quiet luxury.



A capsule wardrobe is a curated selection of clothing that’s interchangeable so you can mix and match easily to create a variety of outfits.

Reasons why a capsule wardrobe is Awesome.

Why create a capsule at all? Why not buy whatever clothing item you fall in love with? Well, there are many reasons why a capsule wardrobe makes sense..

The main idea behind a capsule wardrobe is to simplify your life and make getting dressed in the morning a breeze. With fewer clothes to choose from, you’ll spend less time rifling through your closet and more time doing the things you love.

Having a go-to capsule definitely:

  • Saves you money: You’ll buy fewer clothes, and the clothes you do buy will be higher quality and last longer.
  • Saves you time: You’ll spend less time getting dressed in the morning.
  • Reduces stress: You’ll have fewer decisions to make about what to wear.
  • Makes you more stylish: You’ll learn to put together outfits that are both stylish and functional.
  • Is more sustainable: You’ll buy fewer clothes, but endless mix and match opportunities

Is the Old Money Aesthetic Just About Expensive Clothes?

Not really! While high-quality materials are important, the old money aesthetic is more about intentionality. It’s about curating a wardrobe of well-fitting pieces that you can mix and match, rather than chasing trends. Thrifting and vintage finds can be a great way to achieve this look.

Does the Old Money Aesthetic Apply Beyond Fashion?

Absolutely! The old money aesthetic is about a certain attitude and way of life as well. It emphasizes things like good manners, intellectual pursuits, and appreciating experiences over material possessions.


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