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23 Simple graduation Nails to celebrate 2024 graduation in style

Hey class of 2024! Looking for stunning nails for your graduation? Then you must check out these 23 ideas that are easy to recreate.

Your graduation day is a special occasion, so you want your nails to look their best. There are many simple yet stunning nail options you can go with, depending on your style and personality. P.S If you’re planning on rocking open-toed shoes, consider extending your graduation theme to your pedicured toes! Match the colors or create a complementary design.

Chic Graduation Nails ideas

Graduation ceremonies involve a lot of handshakes, diploma holding, and photo ops. Having well-maintained, polished nails shows you’ve considered all the details and put thought into your overall presentation.

For chic and sophisticated graduation nails, focus on clean lines, subtle embellishments, and timeless elegance. This post is about 23 Simple yet stunning nails you can recreate for your graduation.

Nail Essentials to invest in

Before we head to the nail designs, remember they there are just some things healthy nails cannot live without. So, I’ve added my top 4 below. To make it easy for you I have also included links where you can find them. These are my affiliate links and I get a commission if you shop with them, but this is at no cost to you, and I really appreciate if you end up shopping with my links.

Graduation Nails 2024 list to recreate

Classic French manicure

This is a timeless and elegant choice that is always appropriate. You can add a twist to the classic look by using a different color for the tips, such as your school colors.

Cute graduation nail designs – white

Many people tend to go for White graduation dresses. So these next set of nails will be great to complement white or neutral graduation outfits without being overpowering.


Micro French Grad Nails

This is a more subtle take on the French manicure. The tips are painted with a very thin line of polish, creating a clean and polished look.

Glitter graduation nails

Add a touch of sparkle to your graduation nails with glitter polish. You can use all glitter nails, or just accent a few nails with glitter.

School colors grad nails

Show your school spirit by painting your nails in your school colors. You can do a solid color manicure, or create a more interesting design using stripes, chevrons, or other shapes.


In the Clouds

This design features a nude base with subtle cloud designs painted in a soft blue. It’s a light and airy look perfect for a spring or summer graduation, symbolizing the new beginnings and the hope of graduation.


Nude Gemstone nails

Add a touch of luxury to your graduation nails with gemstone accents. You can use real or fake gemstones, and place them on a solid color manicure or on top of a French manicure.


Graduation nails 2023 Nail Art

If you’re feeling creative, you can try out some nail art for your graduation nails. Some popular graduation nail art designs include graduation caps, diplomas, and your school mascot.

Something Jade

You can try “Something Jade” nails for graduation! The cool green hue symbolizes good luck and prosperity, which is perfect as you embark on your next chapter. It’s a unique and elegant choice that stands out without being too flashy.


Blue + Gold accents

The classic blue and gold combo on your graduation nails exudes confidence and achievement. It’s a winning combination that reflects both wisdom (blue) and success (gold), making it a perfect choice to celebrate this momentous occasion.

Floral accents

Floral accents on your graduation nails are a lovely way to add a touch of femininity, elegance, and celebratory cheer to your look.


Double french + Stars grad nails

The double French and stars nail design for graduation is a playful and celebratory choice that combines classic elegance with a touch of fun.

Minimalist Chrome Nails

You can choose to embrace a sleek and modern aesthetic with minimalist chrome nails for your graduation. The high-shine subtle finish creates a statement-making look that’s perfect for those who prefer a touch of sophistication.


Glitters + geometry

Glitter nails are a fantastic way to add a touch of celebratory sparkle to your graduation mani! It reflects reflecting the excitement and accomplishment you feel about graduating.


Silver + Rose gold Glitters


Simple Gold accents

Gold accents + lines

Royal Blue

Royal blue is a rich and vibrant color that instantly grabs attention. It exudes a sense of authority, confidence, and accomplishment, perfectly reflecting the significance of your graduation.



Black+ white french

Black and white nails for graduation offer a timeless and elegant look, perfect for those who prefer a classic and sophisticated aesthetic. It is a naturally elegant combination, making it a perfect choice for a formal graduation ceremony. This design will ensures your nails look polished and put-together, without being overly flashy or distracting.


Final thoughts on graduation Nails

I hope these ideas have inspired you to recreate simple but chic nails for your graduation ceremony that will help you celebrate in style. Congrats grad!

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