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How to decorate your small bedroom: 18 small bedroom ideas

Need inspiration to decorate and organise your small bedroom so that it is cute or chic and cosy? Then you must see these incredibly cute and organised small bedroom ideas that are both practical, functional and well put together.

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Decorating small bedrooms can be tricky. From getting the right size of furniture to finding the perfect storage solutions so that your room doesn’t feel cramped, you’ll need some effort to get it right.

What colors should I use in a small bedroom?

When it comes to a small bedroom, stick to light and neutral colors like white, beige, or light gray for your walls and furniture. These colors reflect light and make the space feel more open.

Don’t be afraid to add some personality though. As you’ll see below, a statement wall with bold wallpaper or painted in a rich color creates a focal point and adds depth without overwhelming the room.

WHERE CAN I BUY furniture FOR a small bedroom?

Ikea, Amazon and Wayfair are great places to buy compact furniture for small bedrooms. Remember to prioritize essential furniture – a bed and a nightstand are key. Then multi-functional pieces like a chest of drawers that doubles as a bedside table or floating shelves that double as a table will help maximise space.

What’s the best way to store things in a small bedroom?

Maximize vertical space with floating shelves, hanging organizers, and tall, slender chests of drawers. Utilize under-bed storage with drawers or ottomans with hidden compartments.

My small bedroom feels really cramped. How can I make it feel bigger?

Declutter ruthlessly. Most times we accumulate things we don’t need. Busy surfaces and bulky furniture can also create the cramped feeling.

So why not start by getting rid of things you no longer use. Strategic lighting with lamps and fairy lights can also enhance the feeling of spaciousness. Don’t forget storage ottomans too, so that things that are not in use are out of sight.

What kind of bed should I get for a small bedroom?

Consider a platform bed with built-in drawers for extra storage. If you need a seating area, a futon or couch bed is a great space-saving option.

Can I still have a headboard in a small bedroom?

Absolutely! A thin or low-profile headboard is a good choice as it won’t make the room feel crowded.

What kind of lighting should I use in a small bedroom?

Layer your lighting with a mix of overhead lights and task lamps. Fairy lights or string lights can add a touch of magic and make the room feel more inviting.

18 Small Bedroom Ideas to Maximise your Space

1. Neutral tones, soft fabrics


Even with limited space, you can create a cozy and stylish haven. Light-colored walls, furniture, and bedding are your best friends! Consider going for white, beige, or light gray.

These colors reflect light and make the room feel bigger and airier. Plus, they create a calming atmosphere – perfect for unwinding after a long day.

Bonus tip! Paint your ceiling the same color as the walls to make the room feel extra tall

2. Accent Walls


Don’t be afraid to add some personality! An accent wall with a bold wallpaper or a rich paint color creates a focal point and adds depth without overwhelming the space.

3. Panel wall


Want a touch of texture and warmth? Consider a panel wall! Wood panels add a sophisticated element and can still be painted in light colors for that spacious feel. Plus, it creates a subtle dimension that adds visual interest.

4. Couch Bed

This multi-functional futon gives you a comfy place to relax during the day and transforms into a cozy bed at night. It’s perfect for maximizing space and adding some versatility to your tiny bedroom.

5. Use floating shelves

source: Pinterest

Floating shelves are lifesavers in tiny bedrooms! They provide display space for books, photos, or plants without taking up valuable floor space. Plus, they add a touch of personality and style to your walls.

6. Use a clothing rack

Source: Pinterest

Looking to free up even more floor space? Ditch the bulky wardrobe for a clothing rack. It offers a stylish way to display your favorite outfits and helps eliminate clutter. Plus, you can easily adjust the hanging height for different garments.

7.Use a bed with underbed storage

Source: Pinterest

8. Use a storage cube bedside table

Source: Pinterest

Source :Interior71 on IG

This gallery wall is so cool because it creates a stylish focal point without adding extra bulk. You’re using existing wall space for artwork or photos instead of a space-consuming headboard.

10. Get a thin Headboard

Source: pinterest

While chunky headboards are visually appealing, they may not be the best if you are working with a small space. Instead go for a bed with thin headboard to minimize the footprint of the bed visually. This allows the wall color to show through and will create a more open feel in the room.

11. Add textures and lights

Source: Pinterest

Layering throws, pillows, and rugs with different textures adds visual interest without taking up extra space.

Nice lamps and fairy lights can create the illusion of more space by adding depth and drawing the eye around the room.

12. Use a Large Ottoman

Use it as a footrest, extra seating, or even a coffee table with a tray. Ottomans with hidden storage compartments can hold blankets, books, or other items, maximizing storage without needing additional furniture.

13. Get a chest of drawers

Source: smallbedrooms

14. Add a wall mirror

15. Coordinate colors

Sticking to a similar color scheme for walls, furniture, and décor creates a cohesive look. This helps the room feel unified and avoids a cluttered appearance, making it feel more spacious.

16. Use a decorative lampshade

If you have no space on the floor, why not use the ceiling? A decorative lampshade can add personality without introducing bulky furniture, as you can see in the room below.

So there you have it 18 ideas to inspire your small bedroom decor. If you liked this post, make sure to follow on Pinterest for more home decorating ideas.

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