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Small Kitchen countertop organisation Ideas

Having a limited counter space is a common challenge in small living spaces. This post will show you ideas that will help you declutter your countertop and free up space for meal prep and cooking.

As you would get to see in this post, even in a small space, there are ways to make your countertop look stylish and functional.

Regardless of the size of the kitchen though, anyone who wants to be more efficient in the kitchen would benefit from these organization tips.

Benefits of organising your Kitchen Countertop

  • More Prep Space for chopping vegetables, kneading dough, or plating meals.
  • Easier Access to utensils you love
  • You get a clean & calm space that’s more enjoyable to be in.
  • Enhanced Aesthetics: When everything has its place, your kitchen can look more polished and put-together
  • It becomes easier to clean; Dust, crumbs, and spills are easier to clean up on surface without clutter

Small Kitchen Counter Tips: How people make it work

  1. Get a stove sized cutting board and use it as counter space when you’re not cooking on the stove. 
  2. Get a kitchen cart with two wheels. It adds a little counter space but also some shelving. 
  3. Get a toaster oven instead of a microwave. It frees up the space and is multifunctional for heating things.
  4. When cooking, tidy and wash up as you go. Don’t wait to clear dirty dishes and utensils at the end.
  5. Not everything needs to be prepped on the countertop, use your dining table or coffee table.
  6. Use all the vertical space in your kitchen, add shelves were possible so you can take things off the counter top.

If your countertop is already cluttered, start by taking everything off the counters and ruthlessly sort through it. Keep only the items you use daily on the countertop and find alternative storage solutions for the rest in cabinets, drawers, or on walls as you would see below. Ideally, only keep appliances you use every day on the counter. Store less frequently used appliances in cabinets or on a designated shelf.

Small Kitchen Countertop Organisation Ideas

1.Go for small appliances

2. Organise utensils in a basket

3. Combine Vertical shelves and hanging storage

4. Get a Kitchen Cart

5. Use all the vertical space for cupboards

6. Get a foldable Island if possible

7. Use a Butchers block for organisation

8. Organise things on a lazy Susan

11. Use mini raisers to create counter shelving

12. Use the space over the microwave

13. Use Hanging Baskets

This post was about small countertop organisation ideas and tips

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