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25 Amazing Storage ideas for small apartments

One of the best ways to maximise space and reduce clutter in a small apartment is by using clever storage solutions. In this post I show you 25 very affordable storage items that can transform your small home.

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Why your small apartment needs Clever Storage Solutions

  1. Efficient Use of Limited Space: In a small apartment, every inch counts. Clever storage solutions, such as under-bed storage, wall-mounted shelves, and vertical organizers, enable you to utilize the available space more efficiently, preventing overcrowding and making the most of every corner.

  2. Reduced Clutter: Small spaces can quickly feel cramped if clutter is not kept in check. Clever storage helps you organize your belongings, reducing visual clutter and creating a more visually appealing and comfortable living environment.

  3. Easy Cleaning and Maintenance: Streamlined storage solutions make it easier to clean and maintain a small apartment. When items have designated storage spaces, cleaning becomes more straightforward, and there’s less likelihood of dust and debris accumulating in various corners.

  4. Enhanced Functionality: Many clever storage solutions serve dual purposes, providing additional functionality to furniture and spaces. For example, a dining table with built-in storage can function as both a surface for meals and a place to keep essential items, combining practicality and space-saving.

  5. Improved Daily Living: Well-organized storage contributes to a smoother daily routine. You can find things more easily, reducing frustration and saving time. This practical aspect is crucial for small living spaces where the efficiency of daily tasks is essential to maintaining a comfortable and functional home.

    Now convinced you need smart storage solutions? Keep on reading for Ideas. Remember to save this post because we’ll keep updating it with amazing finds.

Closet and Laundry Storage

1| Jeans or Pants Storage

Shop Jeans or Pants Storage

2| Shirts storage Cube

Buy Shirts Storage Cube

3| Messy Sock Drawer Storage

Messy Drawer Storage

4| Big beddings go under the Bed

Buy Under the bed Storage

5| Hang 9 Trousers in the space of 1

Buy Compact Hangers

Shoe racks and organisers

6| Pretty Slim Corner Shoe Rack

Buy Shoe Rack

7| Wall Mounted Shoe Organiser

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8| Multipurpose Shoe organiser

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Bags and Coat Organisers

9| Over the door Hangers

These are very versatile and can be used to hand coats, bags, umbrellas, scarves – you name it. So long as the item as a loop, it can go on here. The only limit is to how much stuff you want handing on your door. To avoid a messy look, only keep items you frequently use on the door.

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10| Standing Coat and Bag Hangers

Another way to store your coats and bags is this vertical freestanding rack. What I love about it is that it takes up very little space. It is very practical, especially for a small room and for when you need to grab and go with your essentials.

Shop on Temu

11| Aesthetic Wall mounted Hook

This very aesthetic wall mounted hook is not only a home for your coats, bags and coatigans. It can also double up as a decor piece.

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Compact Furniture with inbuilt storage

12| Storage Stool

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13| Ottoman Foot Stool

You’ld be amazed at how many throws and living room bits and bops can go into this storage. Another useful storage item and decor piece for your small apartment.

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Small Apartment Laundry Hampers

14| Super slim Laundry Hamper

This Slim shaped sturdy laundry bin easily fits into any narrow space. The wheels also ensures easy movement so it can be slid in and out of even the most awkward corners.

Buy this Hamper here

15 | Slim Hanging Hamper

Buy this Hanging Hamper here

Kitchen Organisers

17| Save spacing Plate Racks

Shop this Rack here

18|Microwave Rack with Spice organiser

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19| Magnetic Spice Rack

Buy this Rack Here

20 | Counter Top Organiser

Counter top Organiser

21 | Cleaning Supplies Under the sink organiser

Shop this item here

22 | Under the sink slide out Shelf

Buy this organiser here

23 | Slim Rolling Cart

Shop Rolling Cart here

24 | Dish Rack

Shop Dish Rack here

25 | Lazy Susan

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Hope this has given you great ideas for decluttering and organising your small apartment.

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