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How to create Classy Work outfits: 6 essential pieces

Check out the accessories you need to create classy work outfit. Accessories like a wristwatch, slim belt, and bold earrings are workwear essentials that can actually elevate your workwear looks and give you the classy, elegant and chic office style you’ve always wanted.

If you’ve been thinking there’s something quite off about your work looks, it could just be that you are not accessorising the right way. This post is all about 5 essential accessories that deserve a spot in your workwear wardrobe.


The right accessory can elevate a simple outfit and make you look instantly more put-together. Think of a crisp white button-down shirt – lovely on its own, but a classic strand of pearls or a minimalist watch will add a touch of sophistication that takes it to the next level.

One common mistake I see some people make is the assumption that Professional has to be bland, overly simple. No. Accessories can allow you to inject a hint of your personality into your workwear. A pair of bold earrings, a unique pendant that reflects your heritage, or a statement necklace can breathe new life into a tired blouse and pants combo. So with the right accessories, not only do you look good, you can get more mileage out of your existing pieces.

So what are the must have accessories?

Adjustable waist belt/ Calpak Work Bag / Coach Haley Loafer / Shell Earrings , Hoop Earrings, Pearl Earrings/ H&M Beige Blazer/ H&M Black Blazer/ Hinged Bracelet/ Bead Bracelet

Work Tote Bag

The Calpak Tote is a classic Work bag. It is spacious enough for your laptop, planner, gym clothes (because who doesn’t love a midday workout!), and all the other essentials you juggle daily. Plus, with its sleek design, it transitions seamlessly from work to after-hours drinks.

If you are someone who travels for work often, it even has a panel you can use to attach it to any carry on luggage. What’s not to love?

Slim Waist Belts

Have an outfit that feels a bit “blah”? Try a waist belt. It breaks up an outfit to give a more refined look. Even though the belt may not necessarily cinch your waist, by being the midpoint of your outfit, it refines your silhouette and instantly create a more put-together look.

I really love this amazon belt. It’s a pack of 2 which is such a great bargain. The adjustable feature gives you ultimate control over the fit, whether you’re feeling a little full after lunch or rocking a flowy dress.

Classy Shoes

Loafers, sling backs and mid pointy heels add a classy touch to every professional look. The Haley loafer in particular scores 10/10 for comfort, fit and streamlined stylish look. You can also get it in white/cream here. It will go with a skirt, dress or pants. It’s one of those flat shoes that will go with absolutely everything in your professional wardrobe.

Bold Earrings

Bold earrings can help you add a touch of personality to your outfit without going overboard. Just be sure to keep the rest of your accessories simple to avoid looking cluttered. If you don’t know where to start, the three earrings in this list ( pearl earrings, hoops and Shell shaped studs) are great places to start. They’re bold, classy and can go with any work outfit.

I chose them in a gold tone because they go with the belts I chose and it is always great to have the metals in an outfit coordinated. However you can opt for silver earrings and go for a belt with silver buckles.

Light Weight Blazer

The lightweight blazer is a workwear staple for Summer. It provides that essential layer of polish without the bulk. Linen blazers tend to be the best for Summer. They’re perfect for wearing in colder offices even when it’s warm outside. The linen fabric will always ensure you don’t feel overheated.

You can go for a blazer with a belt, an oversized blazer or one that’s cinched in the waist. Go with what fits your style and personality. I would typically have 1 in Black and 2-3 in other alternative colors like beige, Tan and Light Blue.

Bracelets and Watches

The beauty of watches and bracelets lies in their versatility. You can mix and match them to create different looks throughout the week. A statement watch paired with a single bracelet works well for a business presentation, while a simpler watch and a stack of delicate bangles can elevate a business casual outfit.

Adjustable waist belt/ Calpak Work Bag / Coach Haley Loafer / Shell Earrings , Hoop Earrings, Pearl Earrings/ H&M Beige Blazer/ H&M Black Blazer/ Hinged Bracelet/ Bead Bracelet

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Stock your wardrobe with these must-haves, and those summer workdays will be a breeze (literally!).

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