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Every woman should own these flat shoes for spring and summer

Are you looking for the perfect flat shoes? You are in the right place. When it comes to flat shoes, I’m always thinking of comfort and style, and this has influenced the top 10 picks I have below.

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Now I’ve started off my list with 4 flat shoes that are Chanel look alike, just because they look so good, feel so good and have some of the best reviews. Also, although I love a designer item every now and again, I’m all about looking good for less, so I just have to share these amazing finds.

If Chanel look alikes are not your thing, don’t worry I have great options for you. And for my ladies who love walking, I can bet you will fall in love with number 11!

So, without further ado, here are the top 10 flat shoes I highly recommend for Spring and Summer. Whether you’ll be rocking ’em to work, events or on vacation, there is something for you!

To make it easy for you, I have added links to where you can buy these shoes. I receive a commission for any purchase you make with any link in this post, but this is at no cost to you.

Shop Items: Round toe sling back, Tweed sling back, Doll two-tone, Chanel dupe, White Mary Janes, Butterfly flats, Quilted flats, Leopard prints, walking flats.

1. The round toe sling back flat shoe

This round toe sling back is the most stylish and comfortable sling back you will come across.

I can’t wait to wear mine all spring and summer. There is something about the colour. Maybe it’s because it looks similar to the famous Chanel flats, it just looks really elegant and would go with pretty much any spring outfit or summer outfit.

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2. The tweed sling back

Similar to the above sling back, this tweed one also gives luxury/Chanel vibes and that is why I love it. It is also very comfortable on your feet and will elevate any outfit this spring and summer.

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3. Two tone doll shoes

Aren’t these doll shoes just so adorable? Looking for flexible flats that shape shift to your feet? This is the one for you. The patent tip and the detailed stitch makes it the perfect looking work shoe this spring.

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4. Two tone Ballet Flats

Now this one! I’m screaming. It is the perfect look alike of the famous Chanel Ballet flat. So, if you want to look luxurious but you are on a budget, this shoe or any of the other 3 Chanel look alike shoes above will be the perfect choice.

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5. Mary Janes

Mary janes are in style and the buckle on this sling back gives it the same Mary Jane aesthetic. So, if preppy or academia is your style, you should definitely be grabbing this pair.

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6. Butterfly flats

This very gorgeous shoe is perfect for occasions this spring and summer. If you have an outing and you are not in the mood for heels, I promise you that these flats will certainly elevate your outfit. The Butterfly detailing is so attractive and second to none. It is also a flexible shoe that is comfy on the feet.

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7. Mesh Flats

Mesh ballet flats are a surprisingly hot trend this year. They combine the classic elegance of a ballerina flat with a modern, slightly revealing twist. Designers from Alaïa to Dear Frances are putting their own spin on this look, so you can find a pair that fits your style and budget.

I got a pair from Zara that I love so much.

If you’re going for these mesh flats, be sure to get your pedicure done, since the transparent mesh material will show off your toes.

8. Leopard print

I had to add this in here because prints are trending right now. Many people struggle with styling leopard print shoes, but it’s actually quite simple. Blacks, reds, jeans and neutrals in solid colors, tend to go perfectly with print shoes. I added a couple of pictures to inspire you below :).

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9. Buckle Mules

These mules are very soft, comfortable and WIDE. They are also very classy looking mule with enough coverage on the sides to keep your feet from slipping out. If pink is not your thing, don’t worry, they are also available in multiple colours so be sure to check it out.

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10. Walking flats (All birds breeze alternative)

These flat shoes are the perfect alternative to all bird breezers. If you are not ready to spend $100 on all bird breezers, then this one is your perfect find. They are extremely comfortable and perfect for doing loads of walking.

Many reviewers swear about the comfort of these shoes, they don’t need breaking in to, they are cute and come in many many colors.

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11. Quilted flats

When I look at this shoe, all i see is comfort. So, if you’ll be walking around a lot during your vacation this spring and summer, this one is for you. It is also a perfect work shoe to add to your collection if you a flats girl like me.

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Shop Items: Round toe sling back, Tweed sling back, Doll two-tone, Chanel dupe, White Mary Janes, Butterfly flats, Quilted flats, Leopard prints, walking flats.

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