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Ways to style your Relaxed hair: 19 gorgeous ideas

Ever spend hours scrolling through endless pages of hairstyles, desperate for some inspiration for your own relaxed hair? ‍Girl, I feel you! Finding the perfect style that flatters your face shape, hair length, and personal vibe can feel like a never-ending quest. But worry no more, because this post is your one-stop shop for rocking relaxed hair with confidence!

We’ll be diving into a variety of styles, from quick and easy everyday looks to show-stopping updos for special occasions. Whether you’re a seasoned relaxed hair pro or just starting your journey, i’ve scrubbed IG and Pinterest for 19 styles you will enjoy recreating.

8 Essentials to invest in

  1. Wide tooth Comb
  2. Avocado Hair Oil
  3. Silicon Bamboo Hair treatment
  4. Keracare Humecto conditioner
  5. Pony extension
  6. Bobby Pins
  7. Satin Bonnet
  8. CHI Silk infusion
  9. CHI Iron guard Heat protector

How to prevent your relaxed hair from breakage

Image source: @aprilsunny84

Moisturise and Seal everyday

One of the best things you can do for your relaxed hair is to moisturise and seal every night before bed. To do this, you only need two products (the keracare oil moisturiser and coconut oil) and your silk scarf.

STEP 1: Section your hair into four parts and secure each part with a clip

Step 2: Take the first part, apply the keracare oil generously from the ends of your hair and make your way up to the roots. Repeat the same step for all other parts.

Step 3: Repeat step 2, but with coconut oil

Step 4: Twist and and tuck in the end of your hair, pin it up.

Step 5: Now put on your satin bonnet or tie a scarf and go to bed.

Shampoo every 7 -10 days

Image source: healthyhairjunkie

Step 1: During this shampoo session, you want to first pree-poo with hot oil or protein treatment.

This is especially beneficial because relaxed hair that tends to be dry, brittle, or prone to breakage. The pre-poo adds a layer of protection before the potentially drying effects of shampoo.

The Olaplex No+3 is one of the best products for pre-poos out there.

Step 2: Next use a CLARIFYING shampoo to get rid of build-up.

Step 3: Apply a hydrating hair mask for deep conditioning, wear a heat cap and wait for 30 minutes. An effective hydrating mask is this ORS Hair mayonnaise which is really great for restoring your hair’s moisture. It also doubles as protein treatment for a smoother and shinier looking hair.

Step 4: Wash out the mask, spray on a detangler and comb your hair with a wide tooth comb.

Step 5: Apply a leave in spray and air dry. If you want to dry with heat, apply a heat protector then go ahead to try with the comb attachment on your hair dryer.

How to Grow your relaxed hair.

In addition to the steps above that can help you prevent weak ends, you should massage your scalp with Hot oil once a week. This Rosemary oil infused with Biotin is a great option for your scalp massage – this particular Brand is snatched up at least 10,000 every month on Amazon. Read the reviews here.

19 Ways to style your Relaxed Hair

1. Style it as a lob

Image source: Pinterest

Image source: Pinterest

2. Half up half down

Image source: Pinterest

Image source: Pinterest

3. Pack it in a Pony Tail

4. Weave a Band

Image source: @jeh_p_t

5. Put it in a sleek high bun

Image source: Pinterest

6. Put it in a messy high bun

Image source: hairlicious

7. Wear it Wavy

Image source: dominique.baker

8. Wear it in a wavy Pony tail

Image source: adenadmj

9. Twist outs

Image source: adenadmj

10. Updo with curtain bangs

Image source: healthyhairjunkie

11. Flat twists to the side

Image source: healthyhairjunkie

12. Use clip ins

Image source: @ulovemegz

13. Wear it in Bantu Knots

Image source: @aprilsunny84

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