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24 Beautiful French tips to try in summer 2024

French tips are a classic without a doubt. Thankfully there are many beautiful ways to rock them with a twist. This post is about 25 ways we are rocking French tips in 2024.

What are French tips?

The traditional French manicure involves painting the tips of the nails white and the rest of the nail in a sheer nude or pink colour. However, as you would see in this post there are many many modern variations on this style including one I can never get over. The reverse French.

One thing I adore French tips for is how they are versatile and can fit any occasion. From runways to boardrooms, your French nails would blend in.

How to create French tips at home

For my DIY ladies, its super easy. I’ve put together the essentials you need and an easy to follow tutorial.

Use these decals as a guide to create the perfect French manicure.

If you are short on time, this formula dries quickly and you don’t need a UV lamp or LED lamp nail dryer.

Before you apply your nail polish, make sure your nails are in perfect shape with the cordless Electric Nail File Set

French tips to try in 2024

1.Coquette french tips

2. Pink French tips

3. Mirror Pearl Chrome tips

4. Acrylic Marble French tips

6. Dainty flowers and pearls

7. Black and white micro french tips

8. White tips with a twist

9. Abstract French tips

10. Black French tips

11. Rainbow French tip

12. Patel French tips

13. Neon French tips

14. Red French tips

15. Purple french tips

16. Neutral French tips

17. Double Glazed French tips

18. Black Bow french tips

19. Checked french

20. French with stripes

21. Gold french tips

22. Long french tips

23. French tip in fall colors

24. Two shades French tips

25. Sky Blue French tips

How to Recreate French tip Nails at Home

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