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25 Stunning Green Christmas nails you need to recreate this year!

Looking for Green nail ideas for this Christmas? We’ve got you covered.

Green is a wonderful and festive color for nail polish during the Christmas season. Green is often associated with traditional holiday colors, such as Christmas trees and wreaths, making it a popular choice for festive nail looks. Additionally, there are various shades of green nail polish, ranging from deep and rich emeralds to lighter and more playful mint tones, providing versatility to match different holiday outfits and themes.

Combining green with other holiday-inspired colors like red, gold, silver, or white can create beautiful and eye-catching nail art designs. Whether it’s a solid green shade or part of a festive nail art pattern, green nail polish can add a touch of holiday spirit to your overall look.

Products we are hyping.

To recreate green nails at home, these are 5 essentials to invest in.

  1. Set of Green Gel Nail polish | Includes 6 different shades of green that are absolutely gorgeous!
  2. Cuticle Oil | To keep your cuticles healthy and supple.
  3. L’occitane Hand cream | For dry chapped hands and nails
  4. Nail art Brush Set | To create even the most intricate designs
  5. Gel remover kit | To remove your nails with ease when you are ready for your next mani.

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Stunning Green Christmas Nails to recreate this year.

1 | Green and Frost

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2 | Chrome Santa Hat

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3 | Emerald Green


4 |Whimsical Dark Green


5 | Green and Frost


6 | Green French Tips

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7 | Green and Gold Accent

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8 | Plaid Green

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9 | Green and Silver square

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10 | Green and Milky White

by @pearlipressed

11 | Dark Green and Gold Accents


12 | Gold accents and milky white


13 | Green and White snowflakes


13 | Metallic Green


14| Matte Green and Mistletoe


15| Dark Green and Tree


16| Classic Metallic Green


17| Green Christmas Presents


18| Green and gold accents


19| Green Twirls

By @amberjhnails

20| Pastel Green


21| Green and Ginger bread Man

by @_iwnails

22| Green and White Knit

by @thenailbarma

23| Green and reindeer

by ~@anna_szlembarska_nails

24| Green and Pink

by ~@anna_szlembarska_nails

There you have it, 25 green Christmas nail designs that are easy to recreate.

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