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23 Stunning Winter nail ideas you’ll want to copy

I found some of the best winter nail ideas for the holiday season guaranteed to wow people you come across.

You can replicate the exact nails or combine ideas to whatever suits your style. For  e.g instead of a red french tip, you can make it chrome.  Instead of almond shaped nails you can make your coffin shaped.

Just do you!

If you’re someone that loves DIY, we’ve included here and at the end of this post, some really cute nail polishes and tools you can use to recreate a whole range of stunning Christmas and Winter looking nails. You can also find some more inspiration here and here.

> Red Cane Candy nails polish

> Red, Green or Gold Christmas nail polish

> Neutral Glitters polish

>Pink and Neutral Glitters



The classic frosty nails with a bit of glitter or velvet looking polish on the ring finger. Recreate this in red, or purple and it’ll still be as stunning.


2. Purple Winter nails

We can all agree that you can either have this entire combo or simply pick one nail and run with it for your entire mani. Whether the glitters, sweater effect, studded cuticle, white and chrome wrap or the plain thumb. Either one of these would make a great set combined or alone.

3. Winter Pink and Chrome

Perfect if you love variety. Three different colors including chrome and then you have your  ring finger combine two or more colors with additional bling for emphasis.

Winter Pink and Chrome

4. Winter Reindeer Nails

The general concept here is to add a fun character and a cute shape to two nails while the other nails remain uniform. 

Winter Reindeer Nails

5. Gold snowflake Acrylic Nails

Ah gold! Gold nails are always pretty when done correctly.

These tips have just the right amount of gold. Looks delicate and should also work if you prefer slightly shorter nails.

Gold snowflake Acylic Nails

6. Short Winter nails

Gold, black and nude anyone?

These simple yet pretty nails are the best choice if you prefer to keep is short but you still want to make a statement.

Short Winter nails

7. Winter Oxblood Nails

Oxblood nails will always be in for winter. They radiate warmth and class together. It’s like combining red, cherry and brown.

The white effect definitely makes it pop even more.

Really pretty and would go with most outfits.

Winter Oxblood Nails

8. Pink, Gold flakes and Snowflakes

9. Green and Gold

10. Red and Nude

12. Green and Gold glitter

13. Red and Gold

14. Plaid, Berries and Holly

15. Gift delight

16. Icy Blue Reindeer

17. Pink Snowflake

18. Soft Pink and White

19. Green and White

20. A festive Cheer

Our best DIY Winter nail finds on Amazon

1.  Neutral Glitters

Nail Polish

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2. Soft Pink Neutrals with Glitter

Or this set with brown, pink and nude tones.

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3. Nail polish remover kit

Nail polish remover kit

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4. Nail Cuticle Oil

Nail Cuticle Oil

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The best winter Nail Ideas for the Holiday Season

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