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31 Stunning Daisy Nails Designs you will love for Spring.

These daisy nails designs are so cute, you ‘ll be spoilt for choice.

Spring is here, flowers are blooming, and your nails need to be cute. What better way to embrace the new fresh season than with beautiful stunning daisy nail designs?

Now, daisy nails might sound simple, but there’s a whole bunch of cool ideas to explore. From classic styles to bold and artsy designs, daisy nails can be whatever you want them to be.

We’ve picked out 31 awesome daisy nail designs that’ll you’ll definitely love. These nails are not just about looks – they also bring a feeling. The soft colours used in these designs are so elegant, feminine and just perfect for the spring season. It’s like having a happy little garden on your hands.

Products we are hyping this Spring.

If you are all about doing your nails yourself, here are 5 essentials to invest in. These would help you recreate most of the designs in this post and are also important for the aftercare of your nails.

  1. Set of Nail polish | Includes 18 different colors that are absolutely gorgeous for daisy nail designs
  2. Cuticle Oil | To keep your cuticles healthy and supple.
  3. L’occitane Hand cream | For dry chapped hands and nails
  4. Nail art Brush Set | To create even the most intricate designs
  5. Gel remover kit | To remove your nails with ease when you are ready for your next mani.

Stunning Daisy Nail designs you’ll absolutely love.

01| Lavender Daisy Nails

Source: dream.nails_x

These square nails are an absolute delight. The unique tips and minimal use of daisies make it so chic and so fresh. The nude background provides such a beautiful contrast. What’s not to love?

02| Lilac Edge Daisy Nails

Source: nailssbykate

These almond shaped daisy nails are another favorite. The white dots create this whimsical look. The white and lavender combo is also so fresh and beautiful.

03|Half Nude Daisy Nails

Source: nailangel01

These nails are mostly nude with two accent nails featuring a half and half design of nude and daisy. It is simple yet really cute. Perfect for transitioning from the cold winter months at the start of Spring.

04| Delightful Pastel Daisy Nails

Source: artdecom

These nails are like a breath of fresh spring air! The perfect way to usher in the spring season. It uses four different pastel colors that blend seamlessly. Artdecom definitely created a masterpiece with this one.

05| White Daisy Nails

Source: artdecom

These white nails are beautiful and provide the perfect contrast for the really small and colourful daisies. Simple and chic, perfect look for the minimalist who wants to acknowledge spring but not go overboard.

06| Pink Daisy Nails

Source: artdecom

Pink made it’s rounds for Valentine but guess what? there’s no stopping it! Pink is one of those colors that will fit any season. These pink daisy nails are extremely beautiful, cute and look so feminine and fresh.

07|Sunshine Daisy Nails

Source: artdecom

These yellow daisy nails look like sunshine. Reminding us that we are ready to move on from the cold winter months to receive a healthy dose of amazing sunshine.

08|Nude Daisy Nails

Source: artdecom

These daisy nails are perfect for those who want to enjoy a new season mani but also want a minimal take.

09|Black and White Daisy Nails

Source: artdecom

10|Pastel purple Daisy Nails

Source: giangnail.ie

11|Blue Ombre Daisy Nails

Source: bysarahnailartist

These blue daisy nails are absolutely gorgeous. Is it just me or do you also see that they look like easter eggs and can make the perfect Easter Nails.

12|Black studded Daisy Nails

Source: bysarahnailartist

13|Pink Daisy Nails and Strawberries

Source: fairynails_by_leanne

14 |Black and White Daisy Nails

Source: artdecom

15|Orange Daisy Nails

Source: pamperbeauty.bham

16|Pastel Yellow Daisy Nails

Source: artdecom

17|Yellow Daisy Nails

Source: artdecom

18|Yellow floral Daisy Nails

Source: artdecom

19|Glitter Daisy Nails

Source: artdecom

20|Lavender Shimmery Daisy Nails

Source: artdecom

21|Simple Pastel Yellow Daisy Nails

Source: artdecom

22|Green Floral Daisy Nails

Source: beautytendernails

23|Green Daisy Nails

Source: artisticallyblessedsalon

24|Metallic Blue Daisy Nails

Source: cheetorad

25 | Green Daisies on the tip

Source: beautyspace_charlotte

26|Clear Beautiful Daisy Nails

Source: coastalnailsbrighton

27|Pastel tips daisy Nails

Source: naileditbeauty

28|Swirly Daisy Nails

Source: bycheznails

29|Clear Minimal nails

Source: nailsxmina

30|Peachy Daisies

Source: charsgelnails_

31|White accent Daisies

Source: coastalnailsbrighton

There you have it. Stunning 31 nail ideas for spring. Perfect for the month of March, St Patrick’s celebration and even Easter. Remember to repin and save this post for your future mani sessions.

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