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Here are top 20 Bridal shower cake ideas

Whether you’re the maid of honour planning the perfect bridal shower or a bride looking for inspiration, this post is all about lovely bridal shower cakes and is for you!

In this post, I have rounded up 20 stunning bridal shower cake ideas, from elegant and classic to modern and trendy.

Classic flavors like vanilla, red velvet, and chocolate are always popular choices. You can also opt for lighter options like lemon, strawberry, or carrot cake.

How do I choose the size of the cake?

Consider the number of guests attending the shower. A general rule of thumb is to allow for 1-2 slices per guest.

What are some budget-friendly alternatives to traditional cakes?

  • Cupcake towers: These are a fun and affordable option that allows for a variety of flavors and decorations.
  • Dessert bars: Offer a selection of mini desserts like cookies, brownies, or cake pops.
  • Donut towers: These are becoming increasingly popular and offer a unique and playful twist.

How can I personalize the cake?

  • Incorporate the bride’s favorite colors or flowers into the design.
  • Add a monogram cake topper with the bride’s initials.
  • Choose decorations that reflect the shower theme.
  • Opt for flavors or ingredients that have special meaning to the bride.

Can I make my own bridal shower cake?

Absolutely! There are many box cake mixes and frosting recipes available that are perfect for beginners. You can also find plenty of online tutorials and resources to help you decorate your cake. Like this 64 pcs set of cake decorating essentials which also includes a free video course.


1. Pink petal cake


2. Bridal cut out cake


3. Elegant buttercream roses


4. Floral princess


5. Luxury blue flowers


6. White Pearl cake

7. Peach pearl cake


8. Macarons cake


9. Pink baby breaths


10. Bouquet of pink roses cake

11. Butterfly cake


12. Golden butterfly cake

13. Balloon cake


14. Miss to Mrs

15. Fairies and butterflies


16. 4-tiered Parisian cake

17. 3-tiered Eiffel tower cake

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