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College Dorm Room Essentials for Guys in 2024

28 college dorm room essentials you must see before you go shopping for college as a guy

If you’re a guy getting ready to move into your college dorm, you’re in for a fantastic experience. Living on campus offers so many opportunities to make new friends, immerse yourself in campus activities, and enjoy newfound independence.

To make sure you start your dorm life off on the right foot, let’s talk about some essential items you’ll want to bring with you.

From bedding to organization tools, we’ll cover all the must-haves people tend to forget. Don’t worry; we won’t forget about the fun stuff either! After all, your dorm room is your home away from home, so let’s make it feel just right for you and get you all set up for dorm life! P.S there’s a free packing list to download at the end of the post.

Dorm room Essentials for Guys


1.Under Bed Storage

All of your stuff won’t fit in your dorm closet. You definitely need additional drawers to stay organised. These see through drawers will fit under a raised bed, or on the side. You can easily see what you have in each drawer and they are just perfect. They’re affordable too.

2. Mini Fan

It’s going to be extremely hot on some days and a desk fan that’s ultra quiet is something you’ll definitely need.

3. Storage Rack

Use this three-tier utility rack to save space and organise stuff you plan to use frequently.

4. Portable Heater with Motion Sensor

This is as good as it gets with heating. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to have to turn a heater in every direction as I get ready. The motion sensors on this just makes it extremely super!

5. Mattress topper

Dorm beds are never comfortable. You need a mattress topper that is well padded if you plan on having a good nights sleep.

6. Space saving Pants Hanger

Each hanger can hold at least 5 pairs of trousers; to save you horizontal space in your closet.


7. Ortizan Portable Speaker

Every guy is raving about this Portable Bluetooth speaker with 30hrs of play time. Check out the reviews here and you’ll know why you should get them if you are someone who loves music or a good dorm party.

8. Convertible Bean bag for lounging

How about a bean bag that can either be a bean bag or a bed?

9. Bluetooth projector

10. Outlet extender

Rest assured you will never have enough outlets in your dorm room. An outlet extender or extension cord will come in very handy when you need to charge all of your devices.

11. Nintendo carrier

Just in case you are taking your games along, this portable protective bag can be the perfect storage case for your game and accessories.

12. Multifunctional Portable Blender

You don’t have to give up your fitness dreams or health goals because you’re in college. With this portable blender, you can easily make your smoothies and shakes on the go. Ideal for going to the gym or to class.

13. Dimmable Desk Lamp

14. Compact Vacuum

This light weight vacuum cleaner with powerful suction will fit in nicely in your Dorm for cleaning and tidying up.

15. 10 ft Charging cable

I can bet you the wall outlets will not be as close to your bed as you want. These long charging cables will be a life saver!

16. USB for quick file transfer

The make it so easy to copy electronic notes and files. You’d be amazed how often you will end up using them . You will use them A LOT!

17. Sound Machine

If you are a light sleeper, you should definitely plan on taking a white noise machine with you. Dorms can often get noisy at any time. Doors can be banged at any point in time. But if you have your white noise machine playing in the background, you do not have to worry about that. You are not going to be woken up by every single sound.

Kitchen Essentials

18. Best college dorm room coffee maker

For your daily caffeine fix any time you want (or for hot water for your noodles …shhh).

19. Compact Mini fridge

Most college students rely heavily on a mini dorm fridge and microwave. Leftover pizzas?, Tupperware dinners from home? They’ll all go into this mini fridge. The compact size means it won’t take up much of your limited space.

Personal Grooming

20. Electric Razor

21. Portable Shower Caddy

22. Portable Towel rack

23. Hand held Steamer for your Clothes

24. Large Moving bags

These Extra large moving bags with zippers are absolutely perfect for moving (and moving out) day. I mean, no harm in using cartons , but these look great and unlike cartons, can easily be folded away. They can take a whole lot of stuff and are very sturdy.

25. Microwave Ramen Maker

26. Lightweight Unbreakable crockery

Room Decor items for college

27. Hangit Photo display

What makes this photo display so great is that you can easily swap pictures without a fuss.

28. Damage-free command Hooks

There’s no better way to organise and hang your stuff. Command hooks will often not damage your dorm walls and can be used for both decor and organisation.

Final thoughts

So there you have it. 28 important items you should take to college that most people often forget. If you need to create a packing check list, feel free to grab the free customisable template below. Thanks for stopping by!.

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