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6 Summer sandals inspired by Hermes Oran slides

The Hermes slides (Hermes Oran sandal) is a luxury footwear icon, known for its sleek design, comfortable fit, and premium materials. But let’s be honest, the price tag can be a bit steep.

That’s where these 6 amazing look-alikes come in! They offer a stylish and affordable alternative without sacrificing too much on quality.

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Summer is here and one of the best things to throw on your feet is a slide/sandal. Whether you are running errands or on vacation at some resort, slides are always a perfect pair of footwear to have.

Now the iconic hermes with the H design is well known and loved my many. It gives a luxurious ummphhh to any outfit and its no surprise why people who are not ready to pay the steep price (like you and me) would like to have alternatives in the same design.

As i’m planning my summer wardrobe, i’ve scrubbed the internet to find the best 6 Hermes oran look alikes! These are 6 of the best Hermes Oran sandal dupes you can find on Amazon!

1.Steve Madden Women’s Hadyn Sandal

Steve Madden Women’s Hadyn Sandal

First up, we have the Steve Madden Hadyn Sandal. This look-alike features a very similar silhouette to the Oran, with a cross-strap design and a slightly padded footbed.

It comes in a variety of classic and trendy colors, including neutrals like black and tan, as well as bolder options like red and snake print.

The Hadyn is made from man-made materials, which helps keep the price point down. However, reviewers generally agree that it still feels comfortable and well-made. They also love the wide variety of colors and the true-to-size fit.

2. Rihero dressy flat slippers

Rihero dressy flat slippers

Next, we have the Rihero Dressy Flat Slippers. This option offers another close resemblance to the Oran, with its clean lines and minimalist design.

It’s available in classic colors like black, tan, and white, making it a versatile choice for any outfit.

The Rihero is also made from man-made materials and boasts a padded footbed for added comfort. While some reviewers mention the fit can run slightly larger, most agree it’s still a comfortable and stylish option.

3. Stratuxx Kate flat sandals

Stratuxx Kate flat sandals

Moving on to the Stratuxx Kate Flat Sandals. This look-alike takes a slightly more playful approach with its metallic accents on the straps. It comes in a variety of colors, including classic options and metallic finishes, allowing you to add a touch of shine to your look.

4.The drop women Monica H slide sandal

The drop women Monica H slide sandal

The Drop Women Monica H Slide Sandal features a slightly different H style than the other dupes we’ve seen so far. It has three straps instead of the H.

But that shouldn’t deter you. It comes in a range of bold and neutral color combinations that will go with many summer outfits.

5. Shoe Me Slide

Shoe Me Slides

This look-alike stands out with its textured material, adding a touch of visual interest to the classic design. It comes in a variety of neutral and pastel colors, offering a versatile choice for different outfits.

6. Athlefit slides

Athlefit slides

Last but not least, we have the Athlefit Slides. This option takes a more sporty approach to the look-alike game.

It features a wider strap and a contoured footbed designed for comfort and support.

It comes in a variety of solid and patterned colors, catering to both casual and athletic styles.

Shop Items in this post: Steve Madden Women’s Hadyn Sandal, Rihero dressy flat slippers, Stratuxx Kate flat sandals, The drop women Monica H slide sandal, Shoe Me Slides, Athlefit slides.

Shop Items in this post: Steve Madden Women’s Hadyn Sandal, Rihero dressy flat slippers, Stratuxx Kate flat sandals, The drop women Monica H slide sandal, Shoe Me Slides, Athlefit slides.

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