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Trending Mob wife Nail designs we are obsessed with

The trending Mob wife nails are all about making a statement. If you are not afraid to go big and bold with your nails then you can jump on this 2024 trend for summer although most of the colours are also perfect for fall.

Image source: enamelle

There’s no one right way to do mob wife nails, but there are some key features to keep in mind.

First, length. Mob wife nails are typically long to convey that fierce aesthetic. Therefore the top nail shapes you should be considering are stiletto, almond, or coffin. However it doesn’t mean if you are into short nails, this trend is not for you. I actually found some medium to short nails that equally fit the part.

Then colour is key. Classic reds (like the OPI malaga wine) , Deep burgundies, golds, prints and browns are some of the most common colours that are used. Even green tends to be loved by some people and can work.

Essentials to invest in

Before we head to the nail designs, remember they there are just some things healthy nails cannot live without. So, I’ve added my top 4 below. To make it easy for you I have also included links where you can find them. These are my affiliate links and I get a commission if you shop with them, but this is at no cost to you, and I really appreciate if you end up shopping with my links.

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1. Print tips

First on my list is the classic French manicure but with a twist. These prints reflect a fearless personality and make a statement. I think whether you go leopard or zebra or cheetah prints, this nail design can still work.

Image source: mytownhouseuk

Image source: Pinterest

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2. Gold Nails

Nothing says luxury quite like gold. Gold nails exude wealth and power, making them a perfect fit for anyone looking to channel their inner mob wife.

Image source: sherlinanym

Image source: Pinterest

3. Cappuccino Nails

For those who prefer subtlety, cappuccino nails are the go-to. This trend focuses on tones of brown and beige, and can either be solid colors or layers. I really prefer the layers though [first pic below] because they end up looking like the creamy layers of a nicely poured Starbucks cappuccino! Haha.

Image source: nails.bygale

4.Cherry Red

Don’t you just love how cherry red nails are bold, timeless, and undeniably sexy. I think it is one color that can be used all year round. This color represents passion and power, much like the personality you would expect of a mob wife.

Image source: Pinterest

Image source: Pinterest

5. Velvet Nails

Velvet nails bring texture and depth to your manicure. They are just so luxurious looking that anyone looking for nails that are hard to ignore has to try them.

Image source: nailsbydvilay

6. Aura Nails

Aura nails are all about mystical charm and personality. This trend involves swirling different iridescent shades to mimic the ethereal beauty of an aura. If you’ve been on the internet this year long enough, you know that the aura pattern is trending major. So if you’re ready to embrace your mystical side and and not afraid to show it off, this one is for you.

7. Dark and Silver

Finally, we have the dark and silver combination – a pairing that speaks volumes of mystery and sophistication. This nail idea is perfect for anyone looking to blend darkness with a touch of glamour, embodying the complexity and intrigue of a mob wife’s life.

Image source: lightslacquer

Image source: Pinterest

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