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The Best Green Nail Designs for St Patrick’s day

St Patricks Day nail trends typically involve vibrant green colors, shamrock designs, and various thematic elements such as leprechauns, pots of gold, or Irish flags. Nail artists often incorporate glitter, metallic accents, and creative patterns to capture the festive spirit.

Getting your nails done St Patrick’s style is fun way to celebrate the holiday with a touch of charm and luck.

In this post I’ve put together 18 beautiful nail trends you can copy for your St Patrick’s day Nails.

St Patrick’s Day Nails trends

1| Shades of green French tip

Elegant nails with a gradient of green hues, adding a classy twist to the classic French tip style.

2| Gold and Mint short nails with a dash of glitter

Short and chic nails featuring a playful mix of gold and mint, enhanced with a touch of dazzling glitter for extra flair.

3| Shamrock green and White nails

Celebrate the Irish spirit with shamrock green and crisp white nails, creating a simple yet festive St. Patrick’s Day look.

4| Checkered smiley nails

Playful nails adorned with a checkerboard pattern and cute smiley faces, bringing a cheerful and trendy vibe to your manicure.

5| At touch of Gold Nails

Glimmering nails inspired by a pot of gold, incorporating metallic accents and rich shades of gold for a truly luxurious touch.

6| Green swirls and daisies

Embrace whimsy with green swirls and delicate daisies, creating a charming and nature-inspired design for a fresh and lively appearance.

7| Shamrock chrome with green french tips

A modern take on St. Patrick’s Day nails, featuring chrome shamrocks and stylish green French tips for a contemporary and polished look.

8| Rainbow twirl

Nails adorned with a partial rainbow twirl, offering a colorful and joyful representation of St. Patrick’s Day festivities.

9| French tips with a twist Nails

Chic and minimalist nails with negative space, allowing your natural nail to shine through amidst carefully placed artistic elements.

10| Blue and Green cuffs nails

Artistic negative space nails blending blue and green hues, creating a captivating and modern design that stands out.

11| Light blue and green nails

Soft and soothing light blue paired with vibrant green, offering a harmonious and cool-toned manicure.

12| Green abstract tips

Expressive and abstract green tips that bring an artistic flair to your nails, adding a touch of creativity to your St. Patrick’s Day look.

13| Mint green leaves

Delicate mint green nails featuring intricate leaf designs, offering a nature-inspired and refreshing aesthetic.

14| Gold and green side tips

Edgy and glamorous nails with striking gold and green side tips, creating a bold and stylish contrast.

15| Yellow to green gradient st Patricks day nail

A gradient of colors from yellow to green, providing a dynamic and eye-catching transition on your nails.

16| White and Green tips + solid green st Patricks day nail

A combination of classic white and green tips alongside solid green nails for a sophisticated and balanced manicure.

17| Chalky white and shamrock

A matte chalky white base adorned with charming shamrock designs, creating a subtle yet enchanting St. Patrick’s Day nail look.

18| Green illusion nails

Mesmerizing nails with intricate green illusions, playing with patterns and shapes for a captivating and unique appearance.

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