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The Ultimate Summer work Capsule Wardrobe

Looking for what to wear to work this summer? Finally, a capsule work wardrobe with lots of chic outfit ideas for office Summer.

Do you dream of a stress-free routine where you can grab a polished office outfit in seconds? Then a work capsule wardrobe is what you need.

One of the most frustrating things ever is having a closet bursting full of clothes and still feeling like you have nothing to wear. Many of us have being in this position. Either because we have bought things impulsively over the years, or we buy things without thinking of what we already have. Or because our bodies changed but we are still holding on to ill-fitting clothes that we never feel good in.

What is a Capsule wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is a collection of versatile pieces that you can mix and match to create multiple outfits, saving you space and indecision! It’s about creating a curated collection of interchangeable pieces that work for you.

Capsule wardrobes emphasize investing in quality over quantity. Over the years I have gotten to realise that for most shoes and clothes, what you spend is what you get. Super cheap items tend not to last, so i rather invest in quality pieces when it comes to work, especially because of the way I want to be perceived. You know what they say, ‘dress the way you want to be addressed‘.

I really love capsule wardrobes because, with fewer quality clothes to choose from, mornings are easier, you’ll spend less time trying different outfits every morning, you would no longer have a closet bursting with clothes but nothing to wear. Your curated capsule will be made of clothes that make you feel and look great, regardless of your body shape or size. You now have the freedom to mix and match and curate multiple outfits that work!

Work Capsule Wardrobe Checklist

This capsule wardrobe has been created with Warm weather in Mind and it includes several realistic smart casual pieces.

  • Linen/Breezy Blazer
  • Vest
  • Sheath Dress
  • Ponte trousers in two colors
  • A cotton camisole
  • Statement Dress
  • Linen Jumpsuit
  • Dark wash Jeans
  • Cream tailored trousers
  • Black and Nude tote Bag
  • Statement Bag
  • 2 Mid heels, 1 ballerina flats, 1 sling back, 1 streamlined trainers

How to build a work Capsule Wardrobe for Summer


First thing to do is to consider your office dress code and what you do on a daily basis.

  • Is it business formal?
  • Is it business casual?
  • Is it something in between?
  • What do you do on a typical workday – meetings, presentations, client interactions?

These important factors will determine what you include in your capsule wardrobe and how you wear them.

For instance, if you have loads of formal client interactions on Monday, you may want to focus on wearing the formal pieces like ponte trousers, linen blazers and statement dresses.


Are you drawn to classic elegance, feminine pieces or minimalist pieces? Understanding your personal style preferences will guide you in selecting clothes you feel confident and comfortable in.

For instance, if you want to be more feminine, you can choose shirts in soft colours with ruffles and feminine details.

STEP 3: Take Inventory of what you already own

A closet audit is always important. The last thing you want to do is to go ahead and buy things you already own.

So empty your closet and ruthlessly edit. Keep items that fit well, flatter your figure, and align with your newly defined work style. Discard anything worn-out, ill-fitting, or simply not work-appropriate.

Once you’ve edited, analyse what’s missing and what you need to complete your capsule. Do you need more tailored trousers, classic blouses, or versatile dresses? Make a list of key pieces to complete your capsule.


While you can focus on core pieces in neutral colors like black, navy, gray, and beige. These only form the base of your capsule and can be easily mixed and matched with other colors you prefer. Explore some options for color palettes here.


Don’t be afraid to inject your personality! The right accessories can elevate your look. A classic watch, sleek tote bag, and a variety of shoe styles will ensure your outfits are polished and put-together.

Don’t forget about belts, hats, and light outerwear like a trench coat or cardigan. These finishing touches add visual interest and functionality to your capsule.

The Ultimate Summer Work capsule wardrobe


Linen/Breezy Blazer: This Blazer is perfect for summer! Linen is breathable and adds a relaxed sophistication, ideal for layering over dresses, camisoles, or tanks. I picked white for this capsule but if you love something coloured, you can consider light colors like baby blue, light pink or beige for Summer.


Vest: A growing trend in 2024, a vest adds instant polish and can be dressed up or down. Perfect for a really warm day and can pair beautifully with your tailored trousers.

Striped Heavy weight T-shirt: The key to making Tshirts work lies in the quality and style. This heavy weight striped Tshirt is a great piece for warm days and can be worn on its own with a Ponte trouser. Paired with a sling back and a statement tote, it will make a chic office look during summer.

Blouses: Button down shirts make a great addition to any work capsule wardrobe and are a great way to throw in some color. Remember this capsule is only a guide, so depending on your preference you can get all three shirts in the capsule (white, floral patterns or polka dots) or replace then with patterns you prefer e.g. stripes, satin or plain.

White Camisole: This is your layering hero for your blazer, and can also be worn under your verst, so i’ld recommend getting at least 3 of these camis.


Sheath dress: The sheath dress’s clean lines flatter most figures, and the silhouette is universally work-appropriate. This capsule wardrobe has a classic Navy sheath dress and is a good place to start. Once you have built your capsule wardrobe and you are looking to expand it, then you can add sheath dresses with colors, patterns, or varied necklines that suit your style.

Statement dress: For those super important one-to-one meetings where you want to look as confident as you can be, this statement dress will be your ally.


Ponte trousers: Ponte trousers are your comfy and chic work pant allies. They come in a variety of colors and drape beautifully. Two neutral colors like navy and white will provide you with endless outfit options.

Dark Wash Jeans: Dark Wash jeans provide a nice change from traditional work pants and can add a touch of personality to your outfit. They may not be suitable for every office (so check your dress code) but are certainly great for business casual offices. They can be dressed up with a shirt and blazer or down with a vest and trainers depending on the occasion.

Cream Tailored trousers: Cream tailored trousers offer a lighter and more breathable alternative to dark pants in summer. They exude a professional and sophisticated vibe. The gorgeous trouser in this capsule is a neutral color that pairs beautifully with a variety of tops and blazers, so you can fulfil your dream of creating multiple comfy outfits.


BAGS: I added two classic tote bags to this capsule that are perfect for carrying all your work essentials and will go with practically any outfit in your capsule. And there is also a great Statement Bag. The statement bag is your chance to add a pop of personality!


  • Mid Heels (2): Mid heels offer a balance between comfort and style. They come in various heel shapes like pumps, wedges, or kitten heels, allowing you to choose what works best for you.
  • Ballerina Flats: A must-have for comfort, especially on long days. They’re perfect for running errands or attending meetings where you’ll be on your feet a lot.
  • Slingbacks: Slingbacks offer a touch of sophistication while still being comfortable. They’re a great option for dressing up casual work outfits.
  • Streamlined Trainers: Trainers can be surprisingly work-appropriate, especially in business casual offices. Choose a clean, minimalist style in a neutral color like white or black. They’re perfect for days when you need ultimate comfort without sacrificing style.


Building a summer work capsule wardrobe is all about finding high-quality pieces that mix and match seamlessly. Here are 7 of the best places to shop for these essentials.

Everlane: Known for sustainability and ethical production, Everlane offers high-quality basics in classic silhouettes and neutral colors, with transparent pricing and materials.

Ann Taylor: Specializes in polished and professional workwear with a variety of styles for different body types and preferences. They frequently have sales and promotions.

J.Crew: A classic choice for work essentials like tailored trousers, crisp shirts, and sheath dresses. J.Crew offers timeless styles and caters to a range of sizes with their crewcuts and tall sections.

Banana Republic: Provides a wide range of work-ready separates and dresses at approachable prices. Their travel-friendly fabrics and washable silk collection are perfect for busy professionals.

COS (owned by H&M) offers a minimal and elevated aesthetic with a focus on quality materials and construction.

Mango is a great option for trendy workwear at affordable prices. Their collections are fashion-forward but still maintain professionalism. I particularly love their tailored skirt suits, midi dresses, and statement blouses.

Loft (owned by Ann Taylor) offers a more relaxed and youthful take on workwear with feminine silhouettes and trendy details. You’ll find ponte knit pants, blouses with interesting necklines, and statement sweaters.

Final Thoughts

Dressing up for work will be so much easier when you have a capsule. Want the full look book with a month’s worth of outfits created from this capsule? Just drop us a note on Pinterest and we’ll send it to you free!

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