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What to wear with a Trench Coat: 8 Spring outfit ideas to copy

A trench coat is one of those versatile wardrobe staples to wear during Spring. This post is about trendy ways to style your trench coat in 2024.

The beauty of a trench coat is its versatility. Throw it on over a flowy dress for a chic brunch look, or layer it with a t-shirt and jeans for a casual day out. You can even add a scarf for a pop of color on cooler mornings.

Spring showers? No problem! The water-resistant fabric of a trench coat will keep you dry without feeling stuffy. The double-breasted front and storm flap offer extra protection from wind and rain.

Unlike bulky winter coats, a trench coat is made from lighter materials like cotton or even nylon. This makes it perfect for those days that start out chilly and warm up later.


Are trench coats still in style in 2024?

Trench coats are very much in style for 2024. In fact, they’re experiencing a bit of a resurgence. Designers are putting fresh twists on the classic silhouette with bolder colors, cropped lengths, and unique materials. However, the classic trench coat in khaki or beige remains a timeless staple.


How long should trench coat be?

The ideal trench coat length depends on your personal style and body type. Here’s a general guide:

  • Shorter styles (above the knee): Great for petite frames or a more modern look.
  • Knee-length: The most versatile option, flattering on most body types.
  • Mid-calf length: Creates a more dramatic silhouette, good for taller individuals.
  • Full-length: Classic and elegant, but can be overwhelming on shorter frames.

When is the best time of the year for Trench coats?

Is trench coat for spring?

Trench coats are perfect for spring! They’re lightweight enough for those days that start cool and warm up, and their water-resistant fabric protects you from spring showers.

Is trench coat for summer?

Trench coats are generally not ideal for summer. The weather gets hot, and the material can be too warm. However, if you live in a place with cool summer evenings, a lightweight trench could be a good option.


White T-shirt + Jeans + Mary Janes

This outfit by @larisanania is one of the chic smart casual ways to wear a trench coat. The monochromatic look contrasts perfectly with the Beige coat. Not to mention the Mary Jane shoes which ties the smart casual look together. This is hands down one of my go-to smart casual outfits for Spring. A black Tshirt and black jeans will also be a great combo.

with a hoodie + leggings

Next is this outfit by itsemilyjames. I call this the England school run uniform. I love the relaxed styling with leggings and adidas trainers. For some other inspiration for styling your leggings, check out this popular post.

This outfit is perfect for running errands, school drop off, taking your child to weekend activities and lots more casual events.

Cropped trench with T-shirt and wide-legged jeans

This is a casual-cool combo I love! Think effortless Parisian chic. Here’s how to rock it: T-shirt: Go for a striped tee for a playful vibe or a plain white tee for a minimalist look. Jeans: Choose a high-waisted wide-leg for a flattering silhouette. Let the hem just graze the top of your shoes. Shoes: Keep it casual with streamlined sneakers or ankle boots.

Cropped trench + cami + maxi denim skirt

This is a perfect transitional outfit for spring or summer. Let’s deconstruct this outfit:

Cami: The cami is a classic layering piece for summer. Maxi Denim Skirt: A light wash denim skirt with a high waist balances the proportions with the cropped trench. Shoes: Strappy sandals or wedges will add a touch of femininity, or you can go with trainers for a super laid-back look.

Full trench + white Tshirt and Mom jeans

with Black blouse + White dressy pants

Pair it with a sexy blouse + leggings

A Chambray shirt and jeans

A black body suit and mini skirt with slit

Final Thoughts on Trench coat outfits

These outfits are great ideas on how to style your trench coat for spring. Let us know if any of these are your go-to outfits for transitioning to spring.

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