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Summer Wedding Guest Dresses Under £100 (That Aren’t Boring!)

This post is all about wedding guest dresses!

Spring and summer are popular seasons for weddings, with the blooming flowers and warm weather, you have the perfect setting for a lovely wedding. If you are looking for what to wear as a wedding guest, don’t worry I’ve got you. It doesn’t matter whether you’re attending a beach wedding, garden ceremony, or formal evening reception, I’ve curated 10 gorgeous outfits under $100 to make you stun.

Ever stared at your closet in a panic, wondering what on earth to wear to a wedding? You’re not alone! Picking a wedding guest dress can feel like a total mystery. Between figuring out confusing dress codes and avoiding outfit disasters, it’s enough to make anyone want to change their mind about attending the wedding.

In this guide I’ve put together 10 beautiful dresses that flatter most shapes, so you can look amazing and wear something you don’t need to hide with a shawl or jacket…yes, we’ve all been there.

Wedding Guest Dresses under $50

1. Ruched Bodycon dress

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This dress hugs your curves in all the right places, creating a flattering and sophisticated silhouette. The ruching adds a touch of texture and visual interest, while the simple design lets your personality shine through.

Why I love it: It’s versatile, comfortable, and transitions easily from ceremony to reception.

Top choice for: Ladies who want a classic and elegant look without breaking the bank.

2. Split Ruched dress

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This dress offers the same figure-hugging appeal as the first, with the added allure of a side slit for a touch of drama. It’s perfect for showing off some leg and adding a touch of playful movement.

Why I love it: The slit adds a touch of sexiness without being too revealing. Perfect dress to hide any fupa and look confident!.

Top choice for: who wants a modern and stylish look with a hint of flirtation.

3. Mermaid Hem dress

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The mermaid dress creates a stunning dress for the girl with a hourglass figure. The fitted bodice and dramatic flare at the bottom adds the feminine flare to this dress.

Why I love it: It’s glamorous and romantic, perfect for a fairytale-inspired wedding.

Top choice for: Ladies who want to feel like a princess on their special day.

4. Asymmetrical formal maxi dress

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This dress is unique and eye-catching, with a one-shoulder design and a flowing skirt. It’s perfect for making a statement as most maxi dresses do.

Why I love it: It’s unexpected and sophisticated, perfect for a modern chic who wants to stand out.

Top choice for: those who want a dress that reflects their bold personality.

5. Satin slip wedding guest dress

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This dress is the epitome of understated elegance. The sleek satin fabric drapes beautifully, and the simple silhouette is timeless and chic.

Why I love it: It’s effortless and luxurious, perfect for a relaxed and intimate wedding.

Top choice for: if you want a minimalist and sophisticated look with a touch of luxury.

6. Mock neck dress

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This dress is a great choice if you want a bit more coverage but still want to look stylish. The mock neck adds a touch of formality, while the simple design is still flattering and feminine.

Why I love it: It’s modest yet modern, perfect for a conservative bride who still wants to look fashionable.

Top choice for: those who want a classic and elegant look with a touch of sophistication.

Wedding Guest Dresses over $50

7. Cocktail Wedding Guest dresses

This dress is a springtime dream come true! The floral print is delicate and romantic, and the midi length is perfect for showing off your shoes.

Why I love it: It’s whimsical and feminine, perfect for a garden wedding or a celebration under the spring sky.

Top choice for: ladies who want a dress that embodies the essence of spring.

8. Tulle wedding guest dress

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It’s all about the drama with this one! The layers of tulle create a voluminous skirt that’s perfect for twirling and dancing the night away.

Why I love it: It’s playful and romantic, perfect for a bride who wants to feel like a princess on her special day.

Top choice for: those who want a dress that makes a statement and is guaranteed to turn heads.

9. Jumpsuits

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Why I love it: It’s unique and stylish, perfect for a guest who wants to break away from tradition.

Top choice for: ladies who want a comfy outfit that reflects their individuality and confidence.

10. Black Wedding guest dresses

Black dresses are a classic and chic choice for weddings all year round!

Why I love it: Black is universally slimming and can flatter any body type. Moreso it is a timeless choice you can wear again and again to other events.

How to Nail your Wedding Guest look

Be Dress Code Savvy: Ensure you dress according to the dress code. “Black-tie” demands formal gowns, while “cocktail attire” allows for dressy jumpsuits or knee-length dresses. Daytime weddings call for lighter fabrics and colors, while evenings favor darker palettes.

Respect the Venue: A beach wedding might call for flowy maxi dresses and sandals, while a cathedral ceremony might be better suited for a more covered-up look. Consider the formality of the location to ensure your outfit reflects the setting.

Shine Without Outshining: Let the bride be the star! Avoid overly white or bridal-looking gowns. Bold colors and flashy jewelry are generally best saved for other occasions.

Embrace Your Style: While following the dress code, don’t be afraid to show off your personality! Opt for a silhouette or style that flatters your body and reflects your taste.

Accessorize Wisely: Jewelry and handbags can elevate your look. Opt for classic pieces or incorporate subtle touches that complement your outfit. Keep it tasteful and avoid anything too flashy.

The Finishing Touches: Don’t forget shoes and a polished manicure! Shoes should be comfortable enough to last the entire event, and your manicure should be neat and well-maintained.

Final thoughts

Remember, the most important thing is to choose a dress that makes you feel beautiful and confident. So, embrace the spirit of spring, try on different styles.

Don’t be afraid to try on different silhouettes and styles to find what flatters your figure. Accessorize your dress to reflect your personality and style.

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