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37 perfect 3D Nail designs that are incredibly stunning

Three dimensional nail designs (3D nail designs) are a super trendy way to make your nails stand out. They’re becoming increasingly popular and for good reason – They are oh so gorgeous!

I decided to join the 3D Nail train and in my search for inspiration, I’ve come across at least 37 nails that are designed to perfection.!

You can either get them done at a nail salon by a professional or try it yourself at home. If you need tutorials, I’ve included two simple go-to tutorials at the end of this post.

Design Options for 3D nails

There are a variety of designs to choose from, but these are some of the most popular.

  • Floral Designs: Flowers are a popular choice for 3D nail art, bringing a touch of nature and summer to your fingertips. They are usually created using using acrylic or gel.
  • Abstract Shapes: Abstract shapes and geometric patterns also create very unique and eye-catching designs.
  • Sculpted Figures: In addition to flowers, 3D figures like bows, droplets, animals, or other decorative elements can make really cute 3D nails

This 3D trend isn’t just about beauty; it’s a form of self-expression, allowing people to showcase their personality and creativity through their nails.

DIY Essentials to invest in to recreate three-dimensional Nails

Thinking of doing your nails yourself? Here are the essentials to invest in:

  1. 3D Nail Kit | Decorating accessories and dotting tools
  2. Gummy solid gel and chrome powder | To create 3D mirror effect designs
  3. Rhinestone nail glue | To create 3D mirror effect designs
  4. Cuticle Oil | To keep your cuticles healthy and supple.
  5. L’occitane Hand cream | For dry chapped hands and nails
  6. Nail art Brush Set | To create even the most intricate designs
  7. Gel remover kit | To remove your nails with ease when you are ready for your next mani.

3D Nail designs for spring or summer

Purple Chrome square tips

Source: @naildbygi

Recreate this nail: Watch tutorial

Gold chrome textured tips

Source: @curedbyjae

Pretty pink bow

Source: @styledbyelenaa

Dark vibes 3D nails

Source: @shinsaibashi.nail

Red dragon nails

Source: @lenavitch.nailz

Iridescent floral nails

Source: @nailedbykani

Kiwi 3D Nails

Source: @nails.by.simon 

Gold 3D Chrome

Source: prettylittlenails_

Red inspired by Gucci 3D nails

Source: @aki__nailart

Big on Glitters

Source: @badgirlsgoodnails

Pink airbrush florals

source: @nailedbyvan

Purple twirls

Source: @badgirlsgoodnails

Chrome and Baby blue

Source: @badgirlsgoodnails

Futuristic long almond 3D nails

Source: @amys.clients

Summer Bouquet

Source: Instagram

Fern Green summer nails

Source: nailstory_ca

Summer Rainbow

Source: @jillow.j

Sunflower 3D and Matte

Source: Instagram

Gold shade almond tips

source: @minea.nails

Pink auras on pink chrome

source: @kimchisnails

Blue Flower Nails

Source: @designbytracy

Minimalist Chrome

source: sugamama_nailz

Spring is here

source: sugamama_nailz

Juicy fruit and Bloom

Source: @nailsbykatiedutra

French Nude 3D Nails

Source: @laidbylyn

3D Flower nails

Source: @nailsbydaniiii

Ombre 3D nails

Source: @nailbandida

Matte and Chrome 3D

Source: Instagram

Cute classic french 3D floral

Source: @linett_nails_01

Gorgeous Blue 3D Nails

Source: : @groovynailsbybea

Pink Gel 3D nails

Source: @mariavinails

Nude long 3D nails


Gold and sea blue 3D Nails

Source: @thenailbabeuk

Sunshine summer nails

Source: @nailtalkhyderabad

Floral Summer 3D Nails

Source: Instagram

Minimalist Rose nails

Source: Instagram

Yellow Swirls

Source: Instagram

Best DIY Nails tutorials

Tutorial 1 – To recreate 3D the nail ‘worms’; you need the Gummy solid gel and chrome powder for this.

Tutorial 2: To recreate the 3D Mirror effect; you’ll need the Rhinestone nail glue

Need more Inspiration?

Thanks for stopping by. This post is about 3D nail designs that are perfect for summer or spring.

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