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28 Short and Stunning Daisy Nails for Spring

We recently shared 30+ stunning daisy nails, but we’ve seen so many pretty short daisy nails that we just couldn’t resist sharing.

More people than you think love their nails short. Short nails are great for practical and aesthetic reasons. They are often easier to maintain and less prone to breakage than long nails. They are also more practical for daily activities, like typing on a keyboard or doing household chores.

If you are looking for nails that are low-maintenance and can be more comfortable – you can think short-to medium nail designs. And they are particularly great for those who aren’t into elaborate nail care routines.

Now if you are doing your short nails in spring, short daisy nails can be a fun way to embrace the vibrant and refreshing atmosphere of the season. Daisy-themed nail designs often incorporate pastel colors, floral patterns, and light hues, reflecting the blossoming flowers and warmer weather. In my opinion, these colors are perfect for anyone who is not keen on elaborate designs. They create a balance between a subtle appearance and playful and lively nail art that mirrors the cheerful vibe of spring.

Whether you opt for soft pastels, or trendy spring color trends, we’ve rounded up some great short daisy nails that are a simple and gorgeous way to celebrate the season. And for the DIY ladies who love a quick tutorial, be sure to scroll to the end of this post – I found you an easy-to-follow DIY tutorial.

How to Care for your Nails Between Manicures

1| Moisturize Regularly: Apply a moisturizing hand cream or cuticle oil to keep your nails and cuticles hydrated.

2| Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Minimize exposure to harsh chemicals, such as household cleaners, by using gloves to protect your nails.

3| Use a Nail Strengthener: Consider the occasional use of a nail strengthener or a clear nail polish to add a protective layer and promote nail health.

4| Be Gentle: Your nails are not a tool, knife, or scrapper. Be gentle when performing daily tasks to avoid unnecessary stress on your nails, and refrain from using them as tools.

5| Protect Against UV Rays: Apply a UV-protective top coat to shield your nails from potential damage caused by sunlight.

6| Healthy Diet: Consume a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals to promote overall nail health.

Nail Products we are Hyping

  1. Cuticle Oil | To keep your cuticles healthy and supple.
  2. L’occitane Hand cream | For dry chapped hands and nails
  3. Nail art Brush Set | To create even the most intricate designs
  4. Gel remover kit | To remove your nails with ease when you are ready for your next mani.

25 Stunning Short Daisy Nail designs You’ll definitely love

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source: tessa.lyn.nails

source: rachel_maria_b

Source: beautytendernails

Source: silkbeauty.uk

Source: onyxnails.co

Source: thenailwifie

Source: learnahstarbuck_nailartist

Source: _nails.by.kelsey__

Source: beautyspace_charlotte

Source: beautyspace_charlotte

Source: madam_glam

Source: sasshafras

Source: miathelabel_

Source: studio8nails_worksop

Source: nailsbybrooke_

Source: nails.by.iz_

Source: _by_shelley

Source: nailsbyg___

Source: newimagesnails

Source: nailjunkies.uk

Source: fairynails_by_leanne

Source: nailangel01

Simple Daisy Nails Tutorials

Let’s finish off with a nail tutorial for the DIY ladies. This is one of the easiest tutorials I’ve seen to recreate daisy nails at home. All you need is this $5 nail design tool!

This post was about short daisy Nail designs! Happy Spring Mani!

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