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14 Summer Nail trends to recreate

Looking for summer nails inspo? Check out these 14 Summer Nail trends to try this summer.

I honestly believe summer is the best time to get creative with your nails. You can embrace bold colors, playful patterns, and shimmering textures. There are really no limits. Just like fall, there quite a number of weeks of the summer season so you have plenty of opportunity to try many nail styles. Starting from very bold colors in the heat of the summer, to neutrals as fall approaches.

Today I want to share with you a round up of the best summer nail trends I plan to recreate this year. Hope this gives you all the inspiration you need for your next manicure session and more.

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  • Glazed nails
  • Orange Nails
  • Yellow Nails
  • Red nails
  • Twirls nails
  • Skinny French nails
  • Nails with cuffs
  • Aura nails
  • Rainbow French
  • Checked Nails
  • Fruit Nails
  • Floral Nails
  • 3D Nails

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Summer Nail Ideas

1| Glazed Nails

Go for Glazed Nails if you want your nails to look shiny and stand out in a cool way. It adds a special touch to your favorite colors, making your nails catch the sunlight and look stylish, especially for the summer vibe.

2| Bright and Bold acrylic nails

Go for bold colors this summer if you want your nails to pop! Bold shades are vibrant and lively, making your nails shout, “Hello, summer, I’m here to have fun!” From bright red, electric blue, or fiery orange, bold colors give your nails that extra dose of excitement and energy for the sunny days ahead.

3| Red Nails

Sometimes it’s okay to go for classic colours without the swirls or tips. Red is a classic that will look beautiful in Summer.

4| Twirls acrylic nails

Cool swirling patterns make your nails look lively and playful, perfect for those easy going summer vibes. It’s a stylish and energetic choice to give your nails a touch of fun for the season.

5| Skinny French

These nails are a modern spin on the classic French nails. It’s perfect for special occasions or when you want your nails to stand out. So, if you’re into timeless charm with a trendy vibe, the skinny French nail trend is worth trying!

6| Cute Aura summer acrylic nails

Aura nails create a laid-back, whimsical and refreshing look. Whether you go for bold or subtle hues, these nails will always bring that effortless summer vibe to your fingers, making them a trendy and stylish choice for the season.

7| Rainbow French tips

This trend involves incorporating a spectrum of colors into the traditional white-tipped nails, creating a visually striking and modern look. The design allows for endless creativity, as it can be customized with various color combinations and patterns to suit individual preferences.

8| Natural Nails

This year seems to be favouring minimalist looks, so you can expect to see natural nails like these all summer.

9| Santorini Nails

These abstract blue nails are perfect for coastal holidays. These nails bring the holiday vibe and add a unique touch of elegance and sophistication to your overall appearance.

10| Florals

Floral nail trends are popular for summer, as they bring a touch of nature and beauty to your hands. They are a perfect way to add a touch of color and elegance to your nails while embracing the warm weather. This summer, you can choose from various floral nail designs, such as dainty blooms, bold patterns, and watercolor effects.

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11|Fruit Nails

Fruit nail designs are a fun and adorable way to add a pop of summer to your manicure. There are endless possibilities when it comes to fruity nail art, from simple slices of watermelon to 3D strawberries. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

12 | 3D Nails

3D nails are all about adding texture and dimension to your manicure! They take nail art to a whole new level. They can be subtle and elegant with delicate raised lines or full-on eye-catching with bold designs and embellishments. One thing to keep in mind 3D nails might not be ideal for everyday wear due to their catching on things.

More 3D Nails

13| Butter Yellow Nails

Butter yellow is one of the trending nail colors of summer 2024. It is such a pretty color that will go with any outfit this season.

Final thoughts

Summer is a great time to pull off bright and fun nail colors. With these designs, choosing your manicure for the summer should be much easier. If you love minimalist nails, you can find some more inspiration here.

Let us know in the comments if you choose any of these designs and how it turned out!

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