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Floral Nail Art Ideas to recreate in Spring and Summer

Summer is all about sunshine, fun times, and of course, cute nail art! And what’s cuter than tiny flowers blooming right on your fingertips? Floral nails are the perfect way to celebrate the warm weather and show off your love for all things bright and beautiful.

There are tons of designs out there, from simple and sweet to bold and colourful so we know it can be quite hard to choose. But there are so many months in summer and that gives you a good opportunity to experiment with different styles.

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Trying to plan my summer mani ahead of all the trips I have lined up, I have scrubbed Instagram to find the best floral nails for 2024 and I’m sharing them below.

No matter what your style is, or the length of nail you prefer, if you’re ready to join the floral trend, rest assured there’s something for everyone.

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1. Floral tips

Image source: lindseysbeautylounge1

I love these floral tips, there is just something really classy about the pink/nude base and the florals in a position where they are not taking over the entire nails.

You can mix and match colors for the flowers – white, yellow, green, orange, gold. As you can see either of these colors will come out perfectly.

2. Floral cuffs

Image source: paiwaloves

Floral cuffs – my go to for when my nails are short and I just want BIAB nails. These nails look neat, professional and can certainly be worn to any occasion throughout spring and summer, whether you have something planned or you will be staying at home.

3. Short Lilac florals

Image source: jodiesbeaute

Lilac is a trendy and elegant color, perfect for spring and summer. Paint your nails a soft lilac shade and add delicate lavender or gold floral accents to easily recreate this look.

4. Dainty Florals

Image source: nails_by_syd28

For those who love their botanical flowers, this one if for you. My guess is that you can swap the flowers shown in the pic for any specific flower you prefer i.e. your birth month flower. All floral designs go on a neutral base coat so the florals can pop and be the centre of attention!

5. Floral French nails

Image source: nailzkatkat

Give the classic French manicure a summer makeover! In this design you incorporate floral designs into three of your nails, while the other two remain as the French tip design. This is such a gorgeous feminine look to pull off in spring or summer.

6. Monochrome Floral nails

Image source: learnahstarbuck_nailartist

If you want to embrace a sophisticated look , then try monochrome florals. You simply need a single color palette (black and white, navy and silver) and then you paint different sized flowers on a contrasting base.

7. Delicate brown florals

Image source: @nail_blisss_

Brown is an unexpected yet earthy choice for floral nails. This nail set by nail_bliss just reminds me of one of those versatile nails that can be worn all year round due to the muted color.

8. Red Florals

Looking for something very bold? Then consider these lovely looking red nails. Most of your nails will be painted classic red while two fingers will have the floral nail art.

8. Pink florals

Image source: pearliepressed

9. Cherry and Daisies

Image source: pearliepressed

10. Minimalist florals

Image source: pomalowanki_iwona_wilk

In a hurry? You can save this on Pinterest

This post is all about cute floral nail designs to rock during this year’s spring and summer.

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